Popular Bitcoin debit card services – an overview of sorts

With increased proliferation of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, more and more associated services are spawning and one such ancillary service that has garnered a lot of traction is Bitcoin debit card services.
Increased acceptance of Bitcoin by retailers around the world have helped Bitcoin debit cards emerge and thrive. More and more people are opting for such cards considering they provide a more convenient way to cash out bitcoins.
When Bitcoin debit card services were first made available only just two years back, service providers started sending out cards loadable with bitcoin, but the pricing wasn’t all that great. Bitcoin debit card services were by no means posing competition to conventional debit card options.
Bitcoin centered debit cards however, are rapidly gaining efficiency  approaching par with bank grade fees as more competitors entered the market very recently.

After researching several available options, here’s an overview of the most popular bitcoin debit card services:

BitPay Card

A card from one of the most well known bitcoin companies that recently went international, known for its appealing fee structure and high limits. It’s using BitPay’s own exchange rates and comes out in USD, EUR and GBP.


Perhaps the earliest pioneer in bitcoin debit cards. Coinsbank offers one of the largest set of options, with several debit and prepaid cards being offered in USD, EUR and GBP for all kinds of users. Moreover, its allowing users to convert their coins at the time of purchases or allowing it to draw from fiat balances depending on user preferences.


One of the newest alternatives, but quickly gaining traction; Mistertango allows users to create a full fledged Lithuanian based EUR bank account that comes with a free debit card as well as the ability to be funded directly with bitcoin deposits.

Shift Card

Provided by Coinbase, one of biggest and most popular bitcoin companies. Shift Card is a service available only to residents of certain USA states and one of the most popular options domestically.


Another debit card provider that came out about a year ago; Uquid is mostly known for providing extremely cheap virtual visa cards that can be loaded with bitcoin.

In summary, each of the listed cards is a viable options. Depending on your location and requirements, different cards might be more suitable. All in all, Bitcoin debit cards are an exciting option for those looking to make day-to-day purchases using Bitcoin.


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