Google and Walmart Thrown their Hat in the Voice Shopping Ring


The thought of speaking into a speaker and have your products delivered to your doorstep is exciting. For several years since its launch, Amazon’s Alexa has enjoyed the envied position of being the gold standard of voice shopping. The relatively new concept of shopping allows users to shop at the comfort of their homes using Amazon Echo voice-controlled speakers. Over the years, Google has increasingly challenged the market dominance of Amazon with the launch of its own voice shopping platform, Google Home. However, the spirited challenge received a significant boost following the announcement of a partnership between Walmart and Google, which will allow Walmart clients to use Google Home voice shopping platform to add items to their online shopping cart and make single item purchase.

Towards Challenging Amazon’s Popularity

The meteoric rise of Amazon as an online shopping platform has significantly cut into Google’s position as the go-to search engine for shoppers. With over 50 percent of adult online shoppers opting to make online product searches on Amazon, Google’s previously dominant position has been successfully challenged. Instead of first taking a trip to Google, more adult online shoppers have made Amazon home. This has significantly threatened Google’s ad placement business. For Walmart, the growing popularity of Amazon as the online shop of choice for many people has significantly cut into Walmart’s market share. Amazon represents a direct competition to Walmart.

The partnership of convenience, which will increase the choices of voice-shopping platforms for customers, will take effect in September. Walmart shoppers will enjoy personalized shopping as the voice-shopping platform will link up with their shopping history on both online and in store Walmart purchases. For shoppers making large orders, Google Home app will allow them to review the multiple products through various channels including phone before using the app to make a voice purchase.

A Hopeful Leap

By partnering with Google, Walmart joins several other retailers such as Costco, PetSmart and Walgreens, which are already using the . The deal will also see Walmart join the same-day delivery shopping service provider Google Express, which also powers Google Home voice shopping app. The partnership will see Google waiver the annual fee of $95 it charged customers using the Google Express platform. Items that do not meet Walmart’s free shipping threshold will be charged $4.99 for shipping with the retailers paying a commission to Google for all purchases made by shoppers. In case voice shopping takes off and the deal stays in place, Walmart shoppers will use the app for in-store purchases by 2018.



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