Igor Cornelsen Says Investors Are Flocking To Brazil


Updated Story 9/26/2017: We recently published another story on Igor Cornelsen, and his advice on healthy business.

Are you a business enthusiast looking to invest hugely? Consider Brazil.

Yes, Brazil has had it rough in recent years. But there has never been a better time to invest in the country. Over the years, Brazil has been one of the leading states attractive to international investors. This is because of favorable factors such as its strategic geographic position that allows access to raw materials and other South American countries.

Due to the low currency value and the high interest rates, many might think that Brazil’s portfolio is just generally unpromising. However, prominent Brazilian investor Igor Cornelsen believes otherwise. According to Igor, the country’s flagging economy only opens doors wide for investment opportunities.

Which are these opportunities?


Igor Cornelsen advises that with the country’s current economy, investors and foreign banks should see it as an opportunity and start lending huge chunks of money with the hope of getting larger returns.


Recently, BGT Pactual, a Latin American investment bank, acted as a joint book runner for an infrastructure company known as CCR. This was the largest offering in the country since 2015; a move that sought to show other investors that Brazil can still fully recover from its economic crisis.


CCR as an infrastructure company deals with constructing roads and improving the transportation system. Therefore, with sufficient roads, airports, power generations and communications, more investors will be attracted to bet their wealth in the country.


The decline of Brazil’s economy also most likely led to a massive fall in the retail consumer demand. For this reason, investor Igor Cornelsen firmly believes that focusing on huge retail transactions can be a great success for people looking to invest.


BTG Pactual also decided to invest in Lojas Americanas and BR Malls. Both are huge retailers in Brazil. Since consumer demand is growing again in the country, Lojas Americanas especially is set to improve and highly benefit.


Another factor, according to Igor Cornelsen’s Facebook, that should attract investors in Brazil is the foreign currencies. More valuable currencies such as the Dollar, the Euro, and the Pound are currently trading at the highest levels. A smart investor, therefore, would strive to earn in Brazil in any of the currencies.


Something good becomes great when you at least share it with another person or persons. Igor profoundly believes in this tip. The Latin American investment bank also advises other domestic companies always to strive to win international buyers. This way, having more investors will help to elevate Brazil’s various sectors.


For instance, the bank talked the major company in Brazil into being acquired by a Canadian investor that deals with infrastructure. These foreign investors more than often take a country’s economy a notch higher.


One cannot be entirely confident about the economic future of Brazil; but as Igor Cornelsen advises, it is much better to be optimistic than pessimistic. The political groups in the country may still be weak and unreliable, but there are very many public projects sponsored by the government.


Clever investors should run to support and participate in these projects. The opportunities are almost endless: public transport, tourism, highways, airports, railways, telecommunications. Surely a serious person or company looking to invest cannot miss a spot.


Moreover, Brazil has a number ups that can really be beneficial to investors. For instance, due to the weak economy, export sectors can intentionally make the country’s products cheaper for foreign buyers. This, for any smart investor, is an excellent opportunity that does not come by every day.


About Igor Cornelsen


Born and raised in Brazil, South America, Igor is a retired investor who became very prominent and popular during his time. He still is. Igor is the founder and proprietor of Bainbridge Investments Inc.; a firm that helps potential investors make the right moves by offering them long-term investment strategies.

Igor is a great investment adviser. He has also been in important leadership positions in various banking firms in Brazil. He has successfully managed huge popular banks in the world, earning the trust of many.


For anyone looking for an unbiased opinion or intelligent advice to do with business, Igor Cornelsen is the person to consult. As a highly experienced banker and an investment guru, the man has so much to offer.  Read more about Igor on CrunchBase.


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