Money Raised For Funeral After Teen Crashes Car


Obdulia Sanchez is a California teenager who streamed the car accident that killed her sister. She has been charged with driving while drinking. The teen was driving at high rates of speed along a highway in California. She swerved to the left side of the road and lost control of the car. When she looked in the back seat, she didn’t see her sister or the other passenger who was in the car at the time. Obdulia’s sister had been thrown from the vehicle at some point while the car flipped over. The other passenger had also been thrown from the car.

When asked why she streamed the video, the teen told officers that she did it to raise money for her sister’s funeral. The young girl’s sister was only 14 when she was killed. Along with driving under the influence, the teen has been charged with vehicular manslaughter. She recently wrote a letter to a reporter for KGPE-TV. In the letter, the teen described the events of the accident and the feelings that she had before and after it occurred.

One of the reasons why she made the video was because she had over 5,000 people following her. She knew that someone would likely be able to donate money to help with her sister’s funeral and the burial expenses. Her family doesn’t have a lot of money. The young lady didn’t want to make a scene of her sister’s death or expose the decisions that she made as bad ones. An attorney for Obdulia has also spoken with reporters. The attorney has offered a few details about the amount of money that has been raised, which tops $12,000. The teen has stated that she didn’t want her sister to die because of her actions. She also believes that she should be released from jail so that she can visit her sister’s grave, but she does face 13 years in prison if convicted.


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