Nick Vertucci Tackles Some Myths about Millennials in Real Estate


A lot has been said about millennials and this word “millennial” has evolved into an important concept within the real estate industry. In fact, there’s a lot of negative information about millennials out there, but they’re actually one of the fastest growing markets for homebuyers.  That’s why Nick Vertucci, a prominent real estate expert, is trying to get people to see them as an opportunity.  Don’t let the bad reputation fool you, most of what you’ve heard are myths.

Myth # 1: They are lazy

A number of time older agents refer to his or her millennial client as lazy. The fact of the matter is that this couldn’t be further from the truth. I think millennials have become accustomed to finding the easiest way to do things and some people see that as laziness. The truth of the matter is that this shows creativity along with resourcefulness that should be admired as well as emulated. On the same note, millennials are actually the most resourceful people on the planet. Look at their technological savvy, which often allows them to produce similar and better results in less time with less effort.

Myth # 2: They prefer impersonal communication

This digital age has seen communication becoming constant and instant. Reaching somebody for business reasons, emails and messages seem to have become the preferred methods. In the fast-paced world of real estate, this classic form of communication seems to have regained its charm. Out of 1000 Millennials, 85% of them prefer to meet and communicate in person with co-workers according to a Mattersight Corporation survey. When chasing the millennial buyer, real estate agents should completely avoid overly direct as well as time-focused advertising messages. Agents should reflect on differentiating their messages for existing clients, the short-term potential client as well as long-term probable clients.

Myth # 3: Millennials are Diehard Urban Dwellers

We assume that the way millennials flock to urban areas and set up camp they’re staying for good, actually that’s not the case. I can just say that millennials expect to live in a detached single-family home within five years. Some millennials plan to get married a journey that intends to promote a suburban exodus historically driven by suburbanization. This aspect has been on the public domain for quite a number of years.

Myth # 4: They are selfish

Let me just come right out and say it, real estate industry requires successful marketing plan. It requires time and money. So when it comes to working with millennials, drop the preconceived notions at the door simply because millennials appreciate the people who share their value particularly those they are working with. Millennials are breaking through the misconceptions of this myth and becoming a major force in the real estate market which helps businesses break through to this new group of potential clients.

Millennials are substantially shaping the commercial real estate as they move from urban to suburban areas. We can discuss a number of things concerning myths of real estate but at the end of the day, Millennials are the driving force as well as the commercial real estate industry needs to adapt.

About Nick Vertucci

Nick Vertucci is  the CEO of The Nick Vertucci Corporations, Inc in Irvine, California. He is a specialized real estate shareholder who has a broad range of knowledge and skills in purchasing bank owned properties. As a real estate agent, he apparently helps a lot of millennials through their first home buying process. The fact of the matter is that Nick Vertucci has helped older agents while dealing with this new generation of buyers. He has assisted other investors in developing a proficiently managed �Turn-Key’ investment system that helps in buying, rehabbing as well as renting banked owned properties. That said, Nick Vertucci has also an extensive knowledge and familiarity in mounting single family houses.

Prior to his career as a professional real estate investor, Nick Vertucci served as the President and CEO of Coastline Micro. Coastline Micro an industry with over 100 employees provides businesses with computer systems globally. Sources suggest that Nick Vertucci continue to hold an ownership interest in the company despite the fact that he isn’t involved in the day-to-day operations. Additionally, Nick Vertucci travel throughout the United States as a professional trainer as well as a mentor to both novice and veteran Real Estate Investors.


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