The Corporate World Attacks President Trump


The inability of President Trump to maintain his cool in tough circumstances still amazes people. Just the other day, Kenneth C. Frazier announced that he was leaving the American Manufacturing Council that is headed by President Trump. Kenneth C. Frazier happens to be the chief executive officer of a company known as Merck Pharmaceuticals. Kenneth is one of the leading African-American chief executives in the United States. Through his company’s Twitter account, Kenneth Frazier announced that he was leaving the council headed by the president. He said that he was leaving the council because the president had failed to address the neo-Nazis and white supremacists violence that has erupted in Charlottesville, Virginia. He also felt that the president is partly to blame for the violence and the bigotry. Kenneth also mentioned that it’s the responsibility of every American leader to ensure that they uphold values that reject discriminative ideologies from group supremacy. According to Frazer, the president should be on the forefront of rejecting bigotry and hatred. As for President Trump, it took him less than 10 minutes to reply the tweet. The president attacked Mr. Frazer saying that he will find time to lower drug prices now that he is off the President’s Manufacturing Council.

Later on, the president tweeted again reminding Americans how the pharmaceutical companies exploit Americans by high drug prices and taking jobs away from America. However, leading executives in the US remained calm despite the president attacking one of their own. However, some CEOs later followed Kelvin. For Instance, the founder of Under Armour Kelvin Plank said that he was resigning from the Manufacturing Council. In his resignation statement, the CEO mentioned that the role of his company in the American community is to use innovation to create drugs. He said that his company does not engage in sport maneuvers. However, he did not mention the president in any way. Moments later, Intel chief executive Brian Krzanich announced that he was resigning from the council. He said that his company engages in activities that promote progress. At the moment, Washington is only interested in attacking people who disagree with their ideologies. Major corporations in the United States were keen to condemn the attacks that took place in Charlottesville over the weekend. However, these corporations did not attack the president personally. Other people who released statements to show their solidarity with Frazier include Apple CEO Tim Cook and Hewlett-Packard Enterprise boss Meg Whiteman.


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