Third Whale Death This Year At SeaWorld


SeaWorld is adjusting to the recent death of yet another Orca Whale at the park. The whale was euthanized after it couldn’t fight off a bacterial infection that she had developed while swimming in one of the pools at the park. This is the third whale to die at SeaWorld from an infection contracted in the water just this year. Workers at the park made the decision to euthanize the mother after seeing that she just wasn’t getting better. The mother of four babies fought for six weeks to try to get better.

Doctors and other staff members at the park gave her medications and tried to get her to resume a normal diet to get her healthy once again. However, in the days before she was euthanized, she stopped eating and took a turn for the worse. Kasatka lived a long life. She was 42 years old when she died. The whale leaves behind six grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. After the death of Kasatka, the park now has only 10 whales. There are five males and five females. The park is hopeful that these whales will live for many more years as they are not showing any signs of being infected by the bacteria.

Workers at SeaWorld are monitoring the water conditions as well as the health of the whales and the other animals that come into contact with the water. They are looking for any kind of changes in behavior that might indicate an infection being present. The focus for the staff is to care for the Orca population at the park so that there aren’t any other deaths and so that guests at the park can enjoy watching the animals as they swim in the water. John Hargrove is the trainer at the park and alerted the media about the infection, but no one would do anything to try to help the whale.


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