5 Ways To Make Your Business Healthier: Investment Advisor Igor Cornelsen Gives His Insight


Every organization has a culture, be it a large corporation or a small business. Culture refers to a set of principles that guide employees in a workplace. Workplace culture emphasizes how an organization functions with spoken and unspoken principles. The health of a business’ culture is evident from how the employees conduct themselves, from their dress code to the time they get to work.

A common practice in organizations with an unhealthy culture is employees carrying out their duties for personal gratification. On the other hand, a corporation with a healthy culture values each worker regardless of their job description which results in the employees working harmoniously to meet the company’s objectives.

Paying attention to the health of an enterprise offers an opportunity to do business in a new manner. This way capitalizes on human potential and lines up the organization around a respective set of principles. Igor Cornelsen, a Brazilian businessman shares five steps that will help any corporation establish a healthy, ethical culture.

Assess the strength of your culture

A few years ago, Igor wanted to review a culture assessment tool. The business owner Igor ranked himself very highly to assure everyone that his staff would do the same. However,

Investor Igor Cornelsen

when Igor Cornelsen completed the assessment for his company, the owner was ashamed to learn that his entire team had ranked his leadership and business culture very poorly.

If any person considers himself prudent in this age, they must become foolish to become wise. Therefore, the best way to establish a healthy culture in your business is to begin by objectively assessing the existing culture. Failure to that, you may end up being deceived.

Cast a Vision for the Future

In 1961, during the height of the “Cold War” with the Soviet Union, John F. Kennedy who was the then President of the United States cast a bold vision. He proclaimed that by 1970, America would put a man on the moon. By communicating his dream publicly, Kennedy set the scene for his vision to be fulfilled.

In the same way, your employees need a vision of your business culture in the future. If the vision is convincing enough, they will rally behind you to accomplish the vision.

Develop your Tactics and Strategy

It stands to reason that without putting in place the necessary measures, a company’s business culture will not change. Some time back, Igor took a colleague to consult with a contractor on his business’ culture. While developing the tactics and strategy, it became apparent that this contractor was experiencing some language barriers. After adjusting these restrictions, the process became smooth and helped to propel his business further.

As you develop your tactics and strategy, start with your vision, involve God in the process and put in place the essential steps to meet your unique situation.

Communicate the Values

Failure to consistently communicate the business’ principles and vision can make them be forgotten. Most leaders today even host company events to discuss the company values. Other leaders roll their policies on television screens while others put up signs on office walls.

For a healthy business culture, the organization’s values should be communicated frequently and consistently to ensure that they never depart from your employee’s minds.

Make Assessments and Adjustments Periodically

I know of a company that had a relatively healthy business culture. When one of the major partners left, he took some of the company’s employees and customers with him. This move landed a devastating blow to the company’s business culture. Creating a business culture is not a destination but a journey.

When Nehemiah faced an enemy attack, he was forced to assess and readjust his culture while rebuilding Jerusalem’s walls. Nehemiah notes that they prayed to God and stayed up all night to keep guard against their enemies. Therefore, periodic assessments are an essential part of building a healthy culture.

About Igor Cornelsen

Igor is a Brazilian investment banker who currently resides in Florida. He is prominent for managing some of the most renowned banking institutions in the world. Due to his expertise in making investments, he takes on consultancy, where he provides advice on how to make long-term investments in a volatile stock market.  Find out more about Igor on Lulu.com.


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