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Daniel Mark Harrison is a multi-talented man. He has been hailed as an innovative mind, prudent journalist, dynamic author, and successful editor-in-chief. He is also a factory banking inventor, an investor, entrepreneur, among the many other abilities that are attributed to him. Having been a descendant of the House of Harrison, this lineage is famously known for the money-printing business named Harrison & Sons which began in 1997.


Daniel Mark Harrison has a substantial academic background, and his achievements have inspired many upcoming authors and entrepreneurs. He has a Masters in Journalism with a certificate in Business and Economics from the Carter Institute of Journalism and Stern School of Business. (2007-2008).

To add to his name, he bears a Master’s degree in Business administration (MBA) (2005-2006). This is a two-year program which he only took one year to complete. Harrison also has a Bachelor’s degree in Theology from the University of Oxford.

Journalism, Media, Editing, and Publishing

As a media administrator, he has initiated two widely-read publications online in the past two years. Journalism is his daily meal as he has written numerous articles for prominent global news publications, such as the Forbes magazine, Portfolio Magazine, as well as other online upcoming journals. He is a renowned financial columnist, blogger, and analyst who has covered Asian markets for daily and weekly columns.

Daniel Mark Harrison also doubles up as an Editor-in-Chief for CoinSpeaker, whose articles have attracted numerous readers, with a readership of approximately over 450,000 per month. Some of the stories which have attracted readers’ attention include “The End of Coin Desk’s Proxy Index?” This is an article that resulted to the suspending of one Chinese exchange from the index for a month just because a CD made changes to their index.

Moreover, Harrison is a renowned publisher, with a news publishing firm known as Marx Rand. This publication is well known for the most striking undercover stories that unraveled the deeds of FBI officers who deal in slave labor. This publication has also emphasized on the fiasco of the US drug companies to see the recent rampant increase in cervical cancer solved.

As a columnist generally, Harrison has built his own reputable brand and name in the United States and United Kingdom markets for the credibility of the information that he offers in his articles.


Harrison published his first book in 2015, Butterflies. In his literary works, he incorporates contemporary facts and fiction, well interwoven with journalism. Through topics such as religion, financial spending, social integration, and sexual behavior, he tackles the effects of the millennial cultures and attitudes. As the first of his famous books, it has received huge praises from the mainstream media and readers across the World. Jeffrey Robinson has also had a hand in describing Butterflies as “a brilliant book that requires reading.” Generally, Harrison has gone a notch higher in making literature an innovative platform for phenomenally exchanging thoughts. This, therefore, renders it as the best book of our times.


As an investor, Daniel Mark Harrison has made tremendous advancements in entrepreneurship. Being a Chairman and a Chief Executive Officer of global investment company named Daniel Mark Harrison & Co. (DMH&CO), he has a family Office operating in Singapore, Bangkok and another one in Hong Kong. He has introduced factory Banking, a widely-used online model for businesses and transactions, known as Internet of Things (IoT). He is also Managing Partner of FinTech and Blockchain venture capital and firm Monkey Capital. His remarkable achievements have seen him appear severally on interviews as a guest on business news channels such as Bloomberg, and CNN.


Harrison is one of the world’s greatest investor. Harrison is a partner of a South East Asia-based investor consortium which actively invests in deep value and fast growing deals in the region. Apart from Daniel Mark Harrison & CO. (DMH&CO), which is allegedly the largest property development company in Singapore, he is still in talks with financial specialists of Absolute Living Developments (ALD) to purchase the company. However, (DMH&CO) will treat ALD’s clients as clients of its own and not as ALD’s clients. The company is said to improve the costs of the units by approximately 15 percent due to the high demand by financial experts who are interested in broadening it in advance.

Adding to his achievements in investment, Harrison has enjoyed a significant political boost for his property, which he is highly optimistic that it will impact positively on his image and status as far as the business world is concerned. Daniel Mark is a pronounced thinker whose investments have focused on reserves that can improve the lives of people in the whole world. He has been concentrating much on issues affecting the investment industry such as abuse and cyber security. He will use his position and take his energy into associations that address most irresistible issues in the world. Harrison is always optimistic that he can empower some upcoming associations like Tesla Energy with his Blockchain-based firm.

Managing Consultant

As a financial expert, he is a consultant on hire who deals with identifying and originating package prospective investment and opportunities in Asia. He also works with equity, options and trading platforms as a financial consultant. On top of that, he is an asset manager founded by leading Wall Street professionals.

Harrison is also hired to introduce brokers, to identify and bring on board new private clients and brokerage firms in China and South East Asia. He earns millions of money with his consultancy skills which he developed, and have eventually come in handy to upgrade so many companies. Actually, most of the clients have applauded him for his plausible consultancy skills.

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