Google Suspends Rehab Center Ads Indefinitely


Cases of drug addiction have been on the rise and the United States. This has, on the other hand, led to the rise of a business that is looking to help these addicts recover from the menace. One thing we know is that whenever people are searching for an institution to help them or their family member, they turn to Google for answers. However, according to health advocates and prosecutors from the US, some of these rehab ads are unsuitable for the addicts as they rarely help. In some cases, the relevant stakeholders have expressed their worries that these ads are even endangering the lives of these vulnerable people. The good news is that Google this week acknowledged the concerns and said that they would now restrict the ads when people search for addiction treatments. Through Elisa Green who is Google’s spokeswoman, she said that the company had discovered a number of misleading choices when it comes to the rehabilitation centers. She further said that the decision to restrict the ads was based on these misleads. This is something that Google has done in the past. For instance, Google decided to restrict ads related to payday lenders. In 2015, the technology giant locked out locksmiths from their ads business to bring down fraud cases.

This move is likely to affect the small businesses that thrive on a $35 billion industry. Google ads is one of their most popular marketing tool meaning that the move is a big blow. Facing Addiction founder Greg Williams welcomed the move by Google saying that they had shown the world that lives matter more than profits. Facing Addiction is a nonprofit organization that is geared towards representing the people who struggle with drug addiction. The rehab centers used to thrive by buying an ad that is likely to be triggered by search results like alcohol treatment centers and drug rehab. Also, these centers are often located in warm climates such as California, Arizona and Florida. Google said that it would not be selling the ads indefinitely. Nevertheless, Google said that should they find an alternative in weeding these ads, they will remove the restriction. According to a recent study, these companies are willing to pay as much as $70 for every click. This is just a revelation of the lucrative nature of the rehab business. Whenever an addicts sign with a rehab center, they bring along tens of thousands of dollars as most addicts are enrolled with private insurance.


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