Kate Hudson Enrages Moms Everywhere With Recent Pregnancy Bomb


Actress and Fabletics guru Kate Hudson may have just alienated a good portion of her followers. During a recent Twitter post, Hudson shared her answers to a new Cosmopolitan quiz and her response to one question in particular set the social media site afire, especially as far as other moms were concerned.
Kate Hudson Bombed With This Question
The question that drew so much ire asked about “the laziest thing I’ve ever done” and Kate Hudson’s answer did not go over well. She filled in her answer with “Have a C-section!” and, as one might imagine, that offended the mothers of the world. The remark was considered insensitive by many, but especially by those mothers who have also undergone the procedure.
One Twitter user responded by telling Hudson that “having a C-section is far from lazy,” which is something the actress knows from experience. Ryder Robinson, Hudson’s oldest son, was delivered via C-section, but, as Ryder is 13 years old now, maybe the actress has forgotten what the experience was really like.
At the time, Kate remarked that the procedure was elective. She revealed that she was facing an induction and having trouble going into labor. Instead of leaving and having to face the paparazzi, Hudson opted for the C-section. It may have been that choice, not the actual procedure, to which Hudson refers as being lazy.
Fans Are Still Angry
Whatever she intended doesn’t really matter to the online community. Kate’s words were taken at face value and criticized for the insinuation. One fan remarked that she had to have two C-sections and that both were medically necessary. She added that it took her months to recover from each procedure, so she feels offended by Hudson’s statement. Responding to that tweet, another user backed her up, asking Kate how ” having your insides cut open & moved around to deliver your baby” is lazy.
Some Twitter users were less critical of Hudson, simply commenting that a C-section is sometimes the safest or only alternative for a pregnant woman.
“Hey #KateHudson – please tell me which part of major abdominal surgery is “lazy”? The procedure? The heal time? The 9 months of work prior?” asked a user named Tasha.
There hasn’t been a response from Ms. Hudson as of yet. In the meantime, the National Center for Health Statistics shares that nearly one-third of the babies delivered in the United States are via C-section. The U.S. has a significantly higher rate of C-section births than most other countries. Elective C-sections, such as was the case with Hudson’s delivery, make up just 10% of U.S. births.


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