Lies about DACA by Trump Administration


Just the other day, the Trump administration decided to rescind the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals policy that was passed during the Obama era. This is a program that protects the young people from deportation. While trying to prove why this was necessary, the defenders and the critics have offered misleading critiques. They often say that the program has resulted in a humanitarian crisis at the US borders and that these immigrants usually take away their jobs. But how true is this? The New York Times decided to investigate these claims and here is what it found out about these critiques.

The program is not a guarantee of legal permanent residency
According to the conservative news personalities, there is a suggestion that DACA offers the immigrants a permanent legal residency in the US. However, this is not true and requires more context. Instead what DACA does is that it offers the immigrants protection against immigration. At the same time, it offers them a chance to work in the country. The Department of Homeland Security can confirm this. The immigration data confirmed that since the program was introduced five years ago, only 40,000 DACA recipients have acquired green cards. Only 1000 have managed to become United States citizens. What makes this possible is that the recipients can marry American citizens.

At the moment, the US immigration laws stipulate that should you overstay your visa in the country, you will be banned from re-entering the country for three to nine years. However, for those that obtained DACA status before the law was changed, they remain protected by the law. It’s important to note that the DACA recipients who entered the United States illegally are not allowed to apply for permanent residency. This is different with the people who overstayed their visa and those who entered the country legally. For the DACA recipients who enter the US illegally, they are given a chance to redeem themselves by being allowed to travel outside the country in what is referred to as special circumstance. They can then return to the country legally, and they qualify for legal status through other avenues.

DACA did not trigger immigration from Central America
Senate Republicans and President Trump have on numerous occasions said that DACA led to massive entry of minors into the US from Central America. This is a point that was insisted by Jeff Sessions. However, the Department of Homeland Security shows that apprehensions kept the number at check.


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