Mexico Hit by another Earthquake


The people of Mexico have experienced another earthquake that has sent people into the streets again. This is the second earthquake in 14 days. The earthquake rattled the capital city where many buildings were toppled. The earthquake occurred just after lunchtime. By the end of the day, it had been reported that close to 140 people had lost their lives in the capital city. Another area that was affected by the quake is Morelos, which happens to be the epicenter of the whole thing. With rescuers frantically digging people trapped in these rubbles, the number of people who have died is expected to rise. An earthquake with a magnitude of 7.1 is said to have caused prolonged and heavy shaking in Mexico City. Officials in the city say that close to 40 buildings have collapsed in Mexico City. Out of these buildings, two are schools which resulted in trapping people inside and crashing cars that had been parked nearby. Ordinary citizens and emergency workers rushed to the affected areas where they tried to lift the rubble using their bare hands. Surprisingly, the earthquake hit on the 32nd anniversary that was supposed to remember the victims of another earthquake that stuck in 1985. This 1985 earthquake claimed over 10,000 people in Mexico.

At the same time, the earthquake struck two weeks later after an 8.1 earthquake hit Mexico killing approximately 90 people. At the same time, the previous earthquake led to the destruction of many homes in the country and tens of millions are still homeless as we speak. A government employee working in the area known as Jorge Ortiz Diaz described the situation as Sodom and Gomorrah. He suggested that God might be angry with the country. In other areas, the damage was evident from the word go especially the damaged airport. There were splintered edges of buildings as well as shattered glasses everywhere. For the buildings that didn’t crumble, the residents decided to stay outside fearing the quake may hit again. In Roma Norte which is a busy business district, it is reported that a whole building made up of offices collapsed. While rescuers tried their best to save lives, ambulances could be heard whisking people away while others were covered in dust lying on the ground. Talia Hernandez is one of the people who were in the building. She says that she managed to roll down the stairs escaping with a broken foot.


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