Michael Freidman Dies at the Age of 41


Michael Friedman has died at the age of 41. Information about his death was announced by the Public Theatre which also said that he died from complications of HIV/AIDS. Michael Friedman will be remembered for introducing a journalist sensibility and historian eye to his line of work. He will also be remembered as a lyricist, witty composer and a versatile cerebral. The prolific theatrical songwriter will be remembered for his influence in establishing a number of music styles. At the same time, he had love for a wide array of subjects beyond his line of work. For starters, he is the creator of the satirical and sexy musical known as the Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson. However, he also had his share of failure like the Broadway in 2010. Earlier in his carrier, he participated in the establishment of a downtown troupe known the Civilians. When it came to politics, he also had something to say. For instance, he composed songs that were to be used while interviewing voters. He pulled this through the collaboration of the WNYC and the New Yorker. Just the other day, Michael worked for a New York City Center Program as the director of the Encores! Center.

His death came as a surprise to the theatre community which saw the death of many members between 1980 and 1990s to AIDS menace. However, the number has reduced tremendously in the last few years. Creator of Hamilton Lin-Manuel Miranda said that he was mourning the music he will never hear referring to the death of Michael Friedman. The death of Mr. Freidman was referred to as shocking and devastating by Benj Pasek who is a lyricist. At the same time, Dave Malloy said that he was shaken to the core and devastated by the death of Michael Friedman. Michael Friedman was born to John and Carolyn Friedman on 24th September 1975 in Boston. However, he grew up in Philadelphia. While his dad worked with the Philadelphia Inquirer as a marketing executive, his mother worked with White-Williams Scholars as an executive director. He developed passion for music at the age of 4. He would also play piano at that time and only music would quiet crying Friedman. His first song was about Icarus and he composed it during his high school days at Germantown Friend School. During his illustrious career, he has produced a number of hit songs such as Paris Commune, Gone Missing as well as This Beautiful Citys


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