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The discomfort of arthritis is familiar to about 50 million American adults, especially older women. The condition can appear as one of the 100 types of arthritis, but the most common form is osteoarthritis (OA). The degeneration of the cartilage that provides a cushion between the joints causes debilitating pain.


Understanding the Condition

Age contributes to the risk factors for getting OA, along with excessive weight and family history of the condition. Also, arthritis tends to occur in joints that received a previous injury. Even though there is no cure for OA because scientific evidence confirms it, patients at Osteo Relief Institute have options that can lessen the pain. The disintegration of cushioning cartilage allows a bone to rub against another bone, a condition that understandably causes “pain, swelling and stiffness,” according to Dr. Matthew CiRullo. Pain may reach chronic levels and joints may “lose strength” as a result. He offers hope to sufferers by citing “treatment options” that can manage joint pain and help protect a patient’s quality of life.


Seeking Alternatives to Enduring Pain

An option at Osteo Relief Institute is a patient’s willingness to commit to a program of self-management that can minimize the advancement of the condition. By controlling its speed of development as well as its scope, patients can combine different elements to achieve relief. Self-management can produce useful results by combining exercise, a daily routine and medical treatments.


Patients can establish daily habits that include frequently changing positions instead of sitting still to read or watch tv. By taking a brief walk every half hour, sufferers can develop a daily routine that offers relief. Part of a routine that can help as well is some gentle exercises at bedtime to prevent morning stiffness. Obesity puts extra stress on joints, and patients who choose to lose weight can help deter some of the pain of arthritis.


Regular exercise offers a challenge to arthritic patients because it usually hurts to move around. However, it is a critical part of managing the persistent pain of arthritis and the loss of mobility that often accompanies it. A key to effective exercise is choosing moves that strengthen the muscles that support the joints without stressing them.


Some ways to achieve the goal of building muscle strength include stretches and movements that gradually increase the range of motion. Low impact exercises may not seem dramatic, but walking and cycling can produce excellent results. Aquatic and gentle aerobic movements can create a sense of well-being while often aiding in weight loss. The medical component of self-management includes physical therapy as a potential way to avoid surgery. Medical care can help patients to “live a high-quality life,” according to Dr. CiRullo.

Finding Help at Osteo Relief Institute

The guiding principle at the Institute is a belief that everyone deserves a chance to avoid invasive procedures for the treatment of OA. Many patients assume that there is no way to relieve arthritic knee pain, and many consider accepting aggressive options instead. Osteo Relief Institute offers opportunities that focus on the advances that modern technology provides. High-tech equipment can pinpoint the precise location of the source of pain as a basis for providing effective treatment for knee osteoarthritis.


Assessing the Situation

An initial screening is free for patients who choose to find out if the treatment options may offer relief. Osteo Relief Institute honors a commitment to help patients enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle with minimal or no discomfort, and the knee pain relief program addresses the issue squarely. The doctors use several procedures in unique combinations to produce synergistic results for each patient. They recommend exercises that enhance the strength of the quadriceps to deter knee pain and to lessen the possibility of future injury. Patients may receive nonsurgical knee pain relief from injections.


Knowing the Entire Person

The medical professionals at the Osteo Relief Institute believe that chronic conditions such as knee osteoarthritis involve the whole person. To gain a full understanding of the challenges that OA presents to different people, they devote time to listen carefully to the experiences of each patient.


A complete patient history provides invaluable information in formulating an accurate diagnosis. Factors that affect patients in varying degrees include injuries from accidents, age, symptoms, genetics and health complaints in addition to objective signs that a patient may present. The medical staff works closely with each patient to explore all treatment options and to reach an agreement on executing them.


Starting Slowly to Achieve Results

Doctors at Osteo Relief Institute understand that building muscle strength is a slow process, and they know that OA causes discomfort that can discourage patients from using joints that hurt. Their compassion and understanding make it possible for patients to progress in strengthening quadriceps to increase the stability of the knee joint. Patients can rely on the knowledgeable staff for interpretations of the importance of each treatment exercise.


An essential goal is to prevent tendons that attach to the quadriceps from weakening or getting smaller. The extension machine in the gym offers an easy exercise that strengthens the legs and knees. Doctors provide recommendations for the number of repetitions that meet the needs of each patient. Other helpful exercises that do not involve machines include low impact movements such as air squats and lunges that help build strength in thigh muscles that support knee joints.

Choosing the Best Path Forward

An approach to patient care at a multidisciplinary clinic combines the skills and expertise of physicians who are board certified and physical therapists. Osteo Relief Institute uses the method to allow medical professionals to treat patients like family members. The concerns that the staff has for each one offers the assurance of the appropriateness of recommendations for treatment. The Institute honors a commitment to help patients avoid surgery and rely on safe and effective alternative treatments instead. By combining accepted technologies with FDA-approved methodologies, the Osteo Relief Institute has a high likelihood of offering each patient a solution that can provide a positive result.


The Institute uses state-of-the-art technology to assist patients to achieve their goal of lasting relief from pain. The dedicated staff offers help in every way to make sure that each patient receives the care, attention, and support that may lead to a resolution of pain issues. In language that is clear and understandable, the staff makes sure that each patient understands the purpose and reason for every treatment decision. At the Osteo Relief Institute, patients can make educated decisions about choosing the best treatment path forward.

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