‘Outlander’ Stars Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan Dish on Season 3


With the season 3 premiere of Outlander just days away, fans are eager for any teasers they can get from the show’s creators and cast. That hunger for spoilers was fed, at least in part, by a recent Q&A session with Outlander leads Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan. While the stars didn’t divulge any details specific to season 3, they did share their insights on playing two characters that have become some of the most beloved creations of the small screen.
Outlander Stars Dish on Playing Claire and Jamie
The interview with Outlander stars Balfe and Heughan covered questions that may have been on many fans’ minds, including how they’re affected by switching back and forth through different time periods. Ms. Balfe says they often film episodes out of order, so they can stick with each time period, get those scenes filmed, and move onto another historical era.
Sam Heughan added that it takes a degree of concentration and paying attention to one’s surroundings, or they could commit costly production errors.
Speaking of time, Caitriona Balfe commented on how her first impression of Heughan has changed, since they first met. Recalling their first day together on the set, Caitriona says she thought Sam was a very sweet, gentle, and down to earth, but her opinion has changed in the years they have worked together.
“In the beginning he was very, very sweet — how things have changed. I just remember him being a very calming influence and it was very helpful when I walked into that room because I was very nervous — he’d already got the job at that point,” recalls Balfe of her screen test for the role of Claire Randall.
The First Season of Outlander Seems Like Another World
Caitriona hasn’t seen the pilot episode of Outlander since it aired, but Sam has seen it more recently. He shared that he had been on a recent flight, during which the passenger in front of him had been watching the first episode of Outlander. The series star says he watched over the passenger’s shoulder, remarking that seeing him on screen left him with a very disconnected feeling.
He added that it felt like he was watching another person entirely. Heughan feels things have changed significantly, since that pilot was filmed for Outlander. Considering the story arc with which they will launch season 3, Heughan also feels that things have changed for the characters.
“This season has been very different and it’s been amazing to discover who Jamie was or is without Claire,” explains Sam.
Season 3 of Outlander debuts on Sunday, September 10 on Starz.


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