President Trump Fuels Nationwide Flag Protests


5Things are getting heated for President Trump. People who once supported him from the field of sports are now opposing him. For instance, three teams from the NFL decided to skip the national anthem altogether where no player attended the ceremony. At the same time, dozens of other teams from Los Angeles to London decided to lock arms or kneel as the national anthem played. To make things interesting, this involved the owners of these teams who once supported President Trump. The protests had attracted the biggest sport’s stars from the United States in a demonstration that they had avoided in years. Protests from the most popular game in the United States began when President Trump called for NFL teams to fire players who refused to stand as the national anthem was being played. These players wanted to raise awareness of two things that included racial injustice and police brutality. At the beginning, these were modest demonstrations involving a small number of African Americans players. The protests attracted even the staunchest supporters for the United States flag such as Julius Thomas of the Miami Dolphins. Since the flag protests began sometimes back, Julius Thomas had been opposed to the move.

Thomas released a statement saying that the president wants to intimidate people. He, therefore, wanted to send a strong message to the president that he was not willing to settle for intimidation. These were the words of other NFL players who are not okay with someone who tries to prevent people from expressing their thinking. However, these are comments and actions that received varied reactions from fans at social media and stadiums. Some fans fear that the protests were supposed to unite people against oppression. Instead, they have widened into something bigger dragging along NFL into politics and racism. Things were quite heated at Lincoln Financial Field as fans opposed the players from the Eagles who yelled anti-Trump sentiments. At MetLife Stadium in New Jersey, most of the Dolphins fans who are predominantly white opposed the flag protests. However, most of the fans said that they were opposed to the comments by President Trump. A Republican supporter from White Plains known as Greg Zaccaria said that he voted for the president. However, he believes that the battle has been taken too far. He says that he understands what these people are trying to do. He further emphasizes that there are better ways to do it.


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