Revival of Obamacare Repeal and Replacement


There is still hope for those wishing to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. This follows a decision by Senate Republicans to resurrect the dead agenda. Should the bill pass in Congress, many reforms are expected such as changing the current health care funding as well as its laws’ requirements. The bill will be presented to Congress by Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy and South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham. The two recently spoke about the bill claiming that it is gaining momentum. Repeal and replace of the Obamacare fell dead in July when some members of the Republican Party failed to pass the amendment. The bill fell short by one vote. However, it’s important to note that the Republican Senators who voted against the bill are yet to commit their support to the new health care bill. The Senators are Lisa Murkowski of Arkansas, Susan Collins of Maine as well as John McCain of Arizona. The recent bill has even received the support of people who once opposed the repeal and replacement of Obamacare such as Doug Ducey who is the governor of Arizona. This means that there will be added pressure for John McCain who will have to vote against the wish of his governor and most importantly, against the wish of an old friend, Mr. Graham.

According to a preliminary of the latest bill, it is projected that millions of Americans could lose their coverage. At the same time, Medicaid would be considerably cut, and insurers would be forced to charge more in some states especially for pre-existing conditions. However, this should happen soon as the special parliamentary language is set to expire soon. This is what might have fueled another vote. South Dakota Senator John Thune insists that some odds might have improved. He referred to Bill Cassidy as a kind grave robber further praising him for reviving a bill that was six feet under. However, it should be considered too early for the Republican to celebrate. John McCain explicitly said that he would put into consideration the views expressed by his governor. The Arizona Senator also said that his party should concentrate on hearings as well as amendments rather than trying to force the bill through the Congress. Senate Finance Committee said that they were willing to listen to the bill next week. The Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee has also expressed its desire to give the two men a chance to make their case.


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