Waiakea Water Becomes the First Water Bottling Company with Fully Degradable Bottles


It’s one thing to promote your company as the source of the best tasting water on the planet, it is another to make huge efforts to preserve the natural resources of the planet with responsible bottling practices. Waiakea Water not only has the purest and best tasting water, they have recently developed a water bottle that is not only 100% recyclable, but fully biodegradable.

This award-winning water company is not resting on its recent success of providing the best tasting bottled water, Waiakea Water is determined to achieving groundbreaking initiatives that simply showcase their monstrous leap towards total sustainability.

Partnering with the Experts
In order to develop a plastic water bottle that in degradable, you have to travel the path less traveled and work with a manufacturing company that are experts in the field of developing additives for nano-degradation of plastic. Waiakea Water is a founding partner of TimePlast, and together, these two companies promise that the water bottles used for Waiakea Water will degrade over 97 percent faster than plastic bottles being used in all other water bottling companies. Not only will the Waiakea Water bottles degrade significantly faster, they are going to still be 100 percent recyclable, finally being able to complete the quest to achieving sustainable waste management.

The Benefits of Waiakea Water
Those already drinking Waiakea Water know that the taste is unlike any water currently being sold around the world. The purification process sets this brand apart, but now, those who are also conscious about making every effort to preserve the natural resources of this planet for future generations have another reason to buy this brand bottled water. Bottled water sold in grocery stores, regardless of the brand, are made with plastic that will take more than a thousand years to naturally biodegrade. This poor ecological footprint was something the team at Waiakea Water was not willing to compromise, and they decided they could accelerate the degradation process with the help of TimePlast, taking a bottle that normally degrades in a thousand years to ones that will be gone in only fifteen years.

The Responsibility of a Leader
Listen to the CEO of Waiakea Water, Ryan Emmons, as he explains that his company feels a moral responsibility to do more than simply promote the best tasting water in the world. With that enormous success of his brand also comes huge responsibilities, and littering up the landfills with plastic bottles that will be around for generations to come was not acceptable. The water bottles already used at Waiakea Water are 100 percent RPET, basically made from post-recycled bottles, but the company felt the need and the obligation to take things one step further. Most people don’t realize plastic water bottles will eventually degrade into carbon-based wax, but that process takes over a thousand years. Waiakea Water felt bringing in TimePlast would allow them to create less chemical bonds in the bottle manufacturing process, allowing the plastic to breakdown significantly faster.

Taking the Road Less Traveled
Waiakea Water has seen huge success in recent years as more people around the world are tasting their unique purified bottled water. As the bottom-line of the company grows each year, it would be easy to sit back and just collect those profits without making an extra effort to do the right thing. Plastic is not only filling up the landfills at an alarming rate, it is killing off wildlife as plastic is beginning to litter the oceans around the world. The team at Waiakea Water decided to take that road less traveled and despite all their recent success, to re-engineer a nano-degradable plastic that would result in a smaller ecological footprint. Once the new fully degradable water bottles hit the shelves, they will be indistinguishable from untreated bottles of water with a longer lifespan.

The Growing Success of Waiakea Water
Waiakea Water was founded on the Hawaiian islands in 2012, and only a few shorts years has gone on to become the best tasting water in the world due in part to their unique purification process. The foundation of Waiakea Water is based on three fundamentals, a unique combination that has allowed sales and recognition to explode in recent years. Waiakea Water is a healthy alternative, filtered through porous volcanic rock, enriched with minerals, and touting a natural alkaline pH of 8.8. The company can offer a higher sustainability rate than other bottling companies because the source recharge rate is 1.4 billion gallons each day. Then you have ethics, something the company feels a moral responsibility to, and donates 650 liters of clean water to countries in need each time you buy one liter of their bottled water.

The Future of Waiakea Water
Although the future for Waiakea Water will involve more in the way of conservation and preservation, producing the first plastic bottle to degrade in fifteen years is quite an accomplishment. Having reduced the lifespan of a water bottle to only 2.21 percent of regular plastic bottles in the last few years, the future can only hold great things for Waiakea Water. Five years and over one thousand experiments later, Waiakea Water has developed a bottle no other water company can compete with. As the world becomes more conscious about preservation, the true positive impact of plastic on the world will be discovered. This degradable plastic bottle technology has the potential to change an industry, and Waiakea Water is proud and welcomes the opportunity to be at the forefront of these environmental changes.

Today, Waiakea Water offers their triple premium water as a healthy alternative to other bottled waters. The company not only believes in giving back to those in need, but by developing the first fully degradable plastic bottle, they believe they can change the way the world looks at recycling and trash. The mission of the company has altered slightly over the years, starting with providing healthier water, promoting conservation and education, and today providing a choice to lower your carbon footprint by purchasing water bottles that will degrade in a decade, not in thousands of years.

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