Benghazi Attack Main Suspect Captured


It has been confirmed by the Trump administration that US commandos have captured the main suspect of the Benghazi, Libya attacks of 2012. At the same time, the administration said that it’s bringing in a second man for questioning. This attack is one of the lowest point in the Obama administration, and the Republicans have used every bit of this attack to attack the former administration and the Democrats in general. The administration further confirmed that the man in custody is Mustafa al-Imam. At the same time, they said that he was captured while hiding in Misurata, Libya. Upon capture, he was brought in a US warship, and he will be transferred to the United States where charges will be opened against him. This is an attack that killed four Americans including the then Ambassador Christopher J. Steven. At the same time, the attack was carried out in September 2012 at a diplomatic compound. Another attack was conducted simultaneously with the embassy attack on a CIA base that was located a mile away from the embassy. At the moment, another dozen suspects are being tried for the same. The capture was then followed by a statement by President Trump.

The president reminded the families and friends that lost their loved ones during the attack that they are never forgotten. He further reminded them that the American people would never forget their sacrifice. He further said that the memory of the American people is long and deep. He finished by assuring them that he will not rest until he finds the perpetrators and ultimately brings them to justice. The mission was conducted by the FBI Hostage Rescue Team and Navy SEAL team six. While the plans to apprehend the mastermind of the attack have been ongoing for months, very few people knew about the details of the operation. The army officials said that the suspect recently travelled to Misurata as he had been living in Tripoli. At the same time, the army said that he has been closely monitored by the Joint Special Operations Command for a time together with other suspects who participated in the Benghazi attacks. This is an indication that President Trump is willing to fulfil his promise of filling Guantanamo Bay with bad dudes and at the same time root out terrorism where it thrives. This is also a win for the FBI who feared that such prosecutions would be impossible under the current administration.


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