Catalonia Residents Protest in Solidarity with the Spanish Government


Catalonia residents who were silent about the decision to break away from Spain have spoken about the issue. These people came out in hundreds of thousands yesterday in the streets of Barcelona to protest against the decision to leave Spain. However, unlike the opposition that held violent demonstrations, yesterday demonstrations were peaceful, and national police had an easy time. The protestors waived the red-yellow national flag and shouted that they were part of Spain. A 64-year-old lawyer known as Jose Manuel Alaminos said that Catalonia was not for independence. He further said that the current leader of the area Carles Puigdemont should represent the wishes of every Catalonian. As a result, Spain has been plunged into the worse constitutional crisis that has not been experienced since Franco dictatorship ended four and half decades ago. The crowd shouted that they were Catalonians too. They also insisted that the world barely knew the truth about the whole issue. Pointing to the crowd, Mr. Alaminos said that the crowd was the truth. These are sentiments have also been echoed by the current Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy. He was speaking in an interview with the El Pais newspaper. In blunt terms, the Spanish leader confessed that Catalonia secession was not going to happen.

At the same time, he mentioned that he was not ruling anything out in an effort to ensure that the country’s integrity remains. He speculated that the government and members of parliaments were contemplating about passing a constitutional article that would disband Catalonian leadership and replace it with Madrid officials. He said that Madrid was talking about the unity of Spain. With Catalonia expected to declare their independence on Tuesday, the country’s prime minister is expected to address the parliament on Tuesday. He also cited the rulings of the courts that a declaration of independence was illegal and thereby, suspended. Yesterday demonstrations were supposed to address the issue that last week’s protests didn’t represent the wish of all Catalonians. People who supported the cause waved flags from their houses and drivers hooted in support of the move to stay. At the same time, the protestors could be heard shouting “long live Spain, long live Catalonia.” Some even suggested that the current leader of Catalonia should be sent to prison. Police said that close to 350,000 people attended the meeting. On the other hand, organizers said that the protestors who attended the demonstrations were close to 800,000 people.


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