Eminem Attacks Donald Trump


President Trump has received criticism from all sides because of the way that he has handled various situations affecting the country. However, no one saw the latest criticism as it has come from rapper Eminem. In a video that was played at the BET Hip Hop awards two days ago, the American rapper directs his anger towards the president where he accuses him of a number of issues. The issues addressed in the five-minute rap include disrespect of the military veterans by the president, hypocrisy, and racism. Beyond this, the furious freestyle rap addressed some of the responses of the president to the devastation of Puerto Rico, the recent shootings in Charlottesville, Virginia and the way he handled Las Vegas shootings and Hurricane Maria. The video is referred to as The Storm and has followed the tradition of the BET Hip Hop Awards by being filmed in Detroit. The video has been shot in a group setting where the rappers are seen engaging in showy verses. Eminem makes a solo appearance wearing a dark hooded sweatshirt. And like in his videos, the rapper wears a baseball cap with the name Collin Kaepernick. He then says that the song is dedicated to Stephen K. Bannon, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama.

In this video, the rapper references Republican John McCain. He noted that the senator was a prisoner of war who had been battered and tortured. At the same time, he says that Donald Trump is a zero to the senator because they disagree on some issues. For instance, John McCain doesn’t like it when war heroes are captured. This is a rap that received the thumbs up expression from Mr. Kaepernick. He tweeted that he appreciated Eminem. During the same video, Eminem had something for his fans who were fans of the president. He raps that these fans are confused and should stand aside. After the rap, the rapper raises the middle finger to the camera. This is not the first time that Eminem has picked a fight with the president. While performing in the United Kingdom at a performance known as the Reading Festival, the rapper told his fans that he cannot stand the president for various reasons. This was then followed by an anti-Trump chant. At the same time, he wore a T-shirt earlier in Glasgow showing that he doesn’t side with the president. This was also evident when he was performing the song White America later that night.


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