Google Ventures into the Hardware


In the past few months, Google has been involved in the launch of a variety of products including smart speakers, new smartphones, and other gadgets. However, these launches had the makings that characterize any other launch in the United States. For instance, Google has a base of superfans, journalists who are skeptical about the products and slick product videos. At the same time, some of the Google products come with romanticized descriptions about their material, color, and design choices. Finally, its products are characterized by the not-so-subtle jabs at their competitors. At the moment, there is still a pending question to a Silicon Valley company that makes most of its revenue from the sale of online advertisement. The question, in this case, is whether the company is serious about making these devices they talk and document about. However, the company climbed to another level on Wednesday by announcing new products. Googles announced that the company will introduce a new laptop that is designed on the Chrome software. For starters, the software will involve wireless headphones and a virtual reality handset. At the same time, Google announced that it would introduce Google Home speakers that will come in two sizes, large and small. Finally, the search engine giant announced that they were introducing new pixel smartphones into the competitive mobile industry.

However, there was a difference in the way that Google conducted their launch event. Comparing the event with that of Apple, there was a huge difference. The company didn’t focus on screen resolutions and chip speeds but focused on artificial intelligence. As for Sundar Pichai, the chief executive of the company, he spent the first few minutes of the launch talking about artificial intelligence. He addressed the role that artificial intelligence had played in translations and the Google Map. He referred to Google as an AI first company. He further stated that it was a unique moment for the company in its quest to join artificial intelligence, software, and hardware. He said that these three had helped the company radically rethink about computing and how it should be done. According to Google executives, there is a saturation in the hardware sector. This makes it difficult to find a breakthrough in areas involving better and big screens. As a result, the executives believe in finding a breakthrough in artificial intelligence software. This will make it possible to develop a better chip compared to the physical components.


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