How Puerto Ricans can Change the American Politics


Following Hurricane Maria, thousands of Puerto Ricans struggle to make a living on the island. Some have had enough and have decided to move to Orlando, Florida. Officials in the state are aware and expect that close to 100,000 people from Puerto Rico will relocate to Florida. Political experts are looking into this in another dimension as they say that these numbers could change the politics in the state of Florida. For instance, the presidential race and governor race in the state has been decided by a margin of less than one percent. It’s estimated that there are approximately one million Puerto Ricans in the state of Florida. The state says that this number had doubled within the last 15 years and this has been accelerated by the faltering economy in the Commonwealth. Political experts say that the political powers of these people have slowly changed over time. This means that they have the capability of changing the political dynamics of the state. However, this will only work if the rough estimates work. Puerto Ricans have predominantly voted as a block together with the Cubans in support of Democratic candidates. A lawyer from Florida known as Anthony Suarez says that this is going to be a powerful swing in the state. Suarez has tried to run for office as a Republican and as a Democrat.

For instance, Central Florida has a population of close to 350,000 Puerto Ricans. Experts say that the impact of this group has already been seen in politics. This area known as Central Florida district managed to produce the first congress member with Puerto Rican descent. The name of the representative is Darren Soto, and he is a Democrat. While talking about the issue, Mr. Soto said that a significant shift in population has the ability to change the political landscape in the area. He further said that his district has the largest population of people from Puerto Rico and this is already changing the politics in the area. Experts say that the dynamics are likely to shift to the national politics now that the people from the island are frustrated with the way that the Trump administration has handled the issue. The representative also agrees that the anger could have consequences. He said that it’s not good to attack people when they are struggling as they are likely to remember in the future. However, even before vote hunting begins, there is the need to sort these people regarding schooling, medical needs, housing, and jobs.


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