Jeff Flake will not Seek Re-election


Arizona junior Senator Jeff Flake has announced that he will not be seeking re-election in the upcoming mid-terms. The senator has been involved in a war of words with Donald Trump for the last eight months. He was talking on the floor of the Senate where he further mentioned that he was not willing to be complicit or silent. He was addressing the undignified, outrageous and reckless behavior of the president. He delivered a speech that went on for 17 minutes. During the speech, he couldn’t spare neither the president nor the party leadership as he attacked both. Some of the issues that he talked about included the flagrant disregard for decency and the truth, the causal undermining of American democratic ideas, undermining of American institution and freedoms as well as personal attacks addressed to people who didn’t agree with the president. He couldn’t finish the attack without mentioning the threats against institutions, freedoms, and principles upon which the United States is built upon. This was perceived by experts and scholars as a decision for the ruling party. For instance, just some few days ago, Arizona Senior Senator John McCain was critical about the half-baked spurious nationalism that had been experienced in America. He was speaking in Philadelphia. The same issue of nationalism was also addressed by former US President George W. Bush who said that the United States had witnessed nationalism change to nativism.

This came moments after the president re-ignited his criticism against Tennessee Senator Bob Corker. Following a series of attacks last month, the president tweeted yesterday morning saying that the Tennessee Senator couldn’t be elected as the dog catcher in the state. As for the Senator himself, he seemed uninterested in the attack when he lamented that Trump was on a mission of debasing the United States. While making his announcement on the floor of the Senate, Mr. Flake also challenged his party and fellow Senators to handle the situation that the country was currently facing. He said that American young people were watching. He asked the Senators what they will say when the young people of today question them in the future. However, he did not mention the president using his name. He took aim at some of the policies that had been implemented by the administration. For instance, he addressed the isolationist tendencies of the US. For his time in Washington, Mr. Flake will be remembered as a person who was open to immigration, engagement with the whole world and a supporter of free trade.


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