Joshua Boyle Talks about his time in Captivity


Joshua Boyle referred himself using the term pilgrim. He also said that he was interested in helping the Afghan people. Another man who knew him referred him as an adventurer. Mr. Boyle is 34 years old and hails from a Canadian city known as Breslau. This is a city found in Ontario. At the same time, he is married to an American woman known as Caitlan Coleman. Together with their three children, they have been living in captivity for the last five years. They were captured by a network known as the Haqqani back in October 2012. The five were released on Wednesday and arrived in Toronto two days later. As they sat in a briefing room in Toronto, the man denounced any involvement with his captors. He also talked about the horrific ordeal where he said that he had a fourth child who was killed in captivity. At the same time, he said that the terrorists raped his wife on a number of occasions. He also gave a brief insight of how he ended up being a hostage in Afghanistan. However, even his close friends could not explain what compelled him to travel to Afghanistan especially with a heavily pregnant woman.

Other than being an activist, the man was very active in online gaming forums as a participant. He also used to work as a Wikipedia article editor before his capture. However, there was no trace of any social media account that belonged to Mr. Boyle. Even on the gaming platforms, he used names from star war movies to hide his identity. At one given time, a British cycler known as Richard Cronin explained how Mr. Boyle had convinced him to enter Afghanistan. During the same conversation, the British cycler narrated how the two talked about explorer Richard Burton and Lawrence of Arabia. To ensure that he managed to convince him, Mr. Boyle told him that the window of entering Afghanistan was closing. Mr. Boyle refused to respond to requests by new reporters to talk about the story. He grew up in northwest Toronto where he attended a high school known as Mennonite high. One of the players who knew Mr. Boyle from his playing days is Alex Edwards who lives in Carleton Place, Ontario. He said that he had known him since 2002. He described him as a very private person. He said that he didn’t have a social media account as a result.


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