Lime Crime’s Doe Deere Is Taking the Unicorn Hair Trend to a New Level


Update 3/9/2018:
New story about Lime Crime’s Diamond Crusher Lip Toppers. Check out that article here.

Doe Deere is the undisputed queen of cult cosmetics. Her company, Lime Crime, is one of the most successful independent beauty brands ever to hit the internet, and this feisty entrepreneur has even been credited with popularizing some major style trends. Perhaps the most notable trend to Doe’s credit is that of unicorn hair. The Unicorn Hair Collection is a Lime Crime original, and the company has just unveiled four new shades that are intended to extend this coveted style to a whole new demographic: brunettes.

You may not know “unicorn hair” by name, but you’ve definitely seen it: vibrant blues, purples, pinks, and other bright colors, usually fading into one another or complementing each other side by side in meticulously arranged strands. The style is comparable to rainbow hair, but whereas rainbow hair tends to embrace the entire color spectrum, unicorn hair leans more heavily on those warm, cotton-candy colors. The trend is all about celebrating individuality and setting oneself apart from the crowd; such has been an integral part of Lime Crime’s mission since the brand’s founding in October of 2008.

So What’s New With Rainbow Hair?

The Unicorn Hair Collection started with 13 colors and then gradually expanded to 23. Popular shades of this semi-permanent dye line include Mint Ice, Bubblegum Rose, and Moonchild. The company even offers a bundle pack that allows you to sample every color in the line and find the perfect blend. These products developed a cult following almost immediately because they not only look fantastic but are also easy to apply. Just apply the dye to the hair, wait 30 to 60 minutes, and then rinse. Seldom has it ever been so easy to achieve a bold salon look at home.

Until now, there was just one problem: The original lineup of dyes is intended for women with blonde and bleach-blonde hair. Darker-haired women have long been left out of the loop, forced to either pre-bleach their hair or invest in a professional dye-job. Thankfully, Lime Crime’s new line of products has solved this issue once and for all. The newest shades are Chestnut, Squid, Sea Witch, and Charcoal, and they’re designed especially for the darker-haired among us. These shades are the culmination of three years of development, and their striking colors span from maroon to gray to purple to mermaid green.

The new shades are available now for purchase, and they’ve already been added to Lime Crime’s popular bundle pack. Like all Lime Crime products, the new Unicorn shades are certified vegan, cruelty-free, and completely free from potentially damaging ingredients like peroxide, bleach, and ammonia. This commitment to quality ingredients is one of the driving forces that inspired founder Doe Deere to create the Lime Crime brand, and it remains one of the key reasons why the brand continues to enjoy immense popularity in an industry with multi-billion-dollar competitors.

Doe Deere’s Story

Doe Deere is a rock star in the cosmetics industry. The self-proclaimed Unicorn Queen was a viral force on social media even when social media was still in its infancy. As a model and trendsetter, she was showcasing bold, groundbreaking looks on Livejournal before anyone had even heard the name “Facebook.” In 2017, she remains a force to be reckoned with on social media, as demonstrated by her half-million Instagram followers – and even that seems paltry compared to the 3.2 million Lime Crime followers. Consider that Covergirl has only 1.4 million followers, and even Estée Lauder has only 2.1 million.

As the CEO of Lime Crime, Doe Deere understands how to leverage the power of social media to bolster her brand, and this unique skill has proven one of the hallmarks of her resounding success. She doesn’t just promote the products; she develops them, tests them, and models them for the world to see. In fact, the Unicorn Hair line was borne out of her own love of bold hairstyles and experimentation with different dyes. Unlike many of her corporate competitors, Deere is committed to keeping a human face on her business, and it works; to the diehard fans, Lime Crime feels less like a corporate entity and more like that cool friend who offers awesome beauty tips.

Before there was ever a Unicorn Hair Collection, she was modeling radiant color combinations and encountering hordes of eager young women—and a notable number of men—who wanted to know how they could achieve the same look. With Lime Crime, she was able to give the public what she already knew they wanted. She runs her business according to this simple philosophy: “I listen to my employees, my customers, even people who don’t like me – there’s always something to learn if you’re just willing to open up your ears and your mind.”

Though Doe Deere is committed to remaining on the cutting edge of style and producing animal-friendly products, her mission is also to encourage and promote other women in business. She’s a frequent guest speaker at female entrepreneur events, and her Instagram page serves as a source of advice for other young women looking to take over the world with their ventures. Lime Crime is also a company that’s committed to hiring women and minorities.

If You Haven’t Tried Unicorn Hair, Now Is the Time

The new Unicorn Hair shades are on sale now, so if you’ve ever been curious to rock the trend for yourself, now is a great time to give it a shot. If you’re not sure which shade or shades to commit to, start with the Unicorn Hair Packette Bundle. Each dye comes in its own sample packet and can be tested against your natural or bleached hair color.

For brunettes who aren’t interested in bleaching, stick with the new Sea Witch, Charcoal, Squid, and Chestnut varieties. Sites like Pinterest are great sources for inspiration and tutorials if you’re looking to blend the colors in creative ways.

Never has it been so easy to unleash your inner-unicorn.


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