Security Status in Las Vegas


On a normal day, Jesus Campos, who is a hotel bodyguard at Las Vegas says that he has to handle noise complaints and drunkards. In fact, this is the reason why most of these bodyguards are armed with just a handcuff. However, Mr. Campos narrates how he had to handle another scenario that he had never anticipated in his career on Sunday. Jesus Campos works at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino as a security officer. Little did he know that Stephen Paddock was on the leash. This is a longtime gambler who had turned one of the rooms to an arsenal of weapons. The man rained bullets on fun finders who were attending an outdoor country music festival. He managed this from his suite that was located on the 32nd floor of Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. According to David L. Hickey, who is the president of a union that represents security officers, he said on Thursday that Mr.Campos was shot in the right thigh as he approached the room. The wounded security officer would later help Las Vegas police locate the shooter, who never fired again after the incident. On a normal day, Mr. Campos is used to handling mundane problems in his black uniform. This includes issues such as arguments, drunks, and medical emergencies.

However, the Sunday’s incidence brought to light the risks that can come from working as a security guard in a casino. This calls for the men and women to be ready in case a situation like this happens in the future. Like it has been experienced in other industries, criminal violence is often rare. The problem is that when it comes, it requires preparation and extensive training from all stakeholders. Like the New York Times learned, Casino security guards in Las Vegas are not like ordinary mall cops. Instead, these are former military veterans or police officers who are now working in plain clothes. Before they are dispatched, they have to undergo a special training program. It’s also important to note that most of these guards are led by experienced people in the law enforcement. Consequently, they are known to closely cooperate with local police officers. A former casino executive and Las Vegas lawyer Don Campbell notes that the security in the region of Las Vegas is quite tremendous. The Sunday incidence presented a new problem to investors in the area and law enforcement about how they can guarantee the safety of the tens of millions of people visiting the city every year.


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