The Importance of Checking on American Gun Laws


Democratic Senator Joe Manchin remembers how he lost his appeal to amend the gun laws following the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School five years ago. Other than challenging the weak gun controls of his state, he also co-authored an amendment that would force a further screening of gun purchasers. However, the Congress was not ready to listen to his views. Five years later, the West Virginia senator says that that common sense ought to prevail. He feels that this is the wrong time to revive his bill. He still believes that people should wake from slumber and until that happens, the current situation is a shame to the statesman. Through the years after shootings in West Virginia, other names have been involved in the same including Orlando, San Bernardino, Newtown, Virginia Tech, Aurora, Columbine and now there is Las Vegas. For years, common sense gun restriction laws have failed despite the appeal from Senate Democrats. The Las Vegas shooting this week killed 59 people and also injured 500. However, legislators in Washington are still unmoved about gun control dynamic. However, like they always do after every shooting, Senate Democrats are designing a legislature that will control gun violence. The legislation this time is being prepared by Senate Democrat from California Dianne Feinstein.

He told reporters that enacting a gun control legislation should be the priority at the moment. Following Newtown Shootings some years back, the Democrats suggested a gun control legislation that would increase the background check for gun purchases. This could involve guns bought on the internet and also the ones bought at gun shows. Following the Orlando Shootings last year, Democrats tried to pass a legislature that would prohibit the sale of guns to people under terrorism investigation or those on the federal no-fly list. The 2007 Virginia Tech shooting suggested a bill that would see people buying guns subjected to background checks to determine whether they had a history of mental illness. In all these efforts, the Senate Republicans have mastered the art of steering the conversation into another direction. They often spotlight the role that emergency workers play in these shootings. Just the other day, President Trump managed to start this conversation by praising the swiftness of the law enforcement department in the city for acting to the situation immediately. Back in Washington, Senate Majority Mitch McConnel refused to address whether a legislative action should be taken to control gun laws in the country.


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