The Life of the Man behind Las Vegas Shootings


The gunman who shot people from a Las Vegas hotel has been identified as Stephen Paddock and killed himself when he realized that police were onto him. He was 64 years old. He is regarded as a high-stakes gambler and was a common name in casinos around Las Vegas. Most of his investments were in the real estate industry concentrating in the state of Texas. According to information released by the FBI yesterday, the shooter was divorced twice and his last employment opportunity goes back to 30 years ago. He was the owner of two single-engine planes and had a pilot’s license. At the moment, the motive of these killings is yet to be identified. However, people who knew him say that he lived a highly unconventional and unmoored life. His neighbors say that he never liked attention. Neither did he draw attention. He was not deep into politics or religion and never had one angry outburst with a family member or friend. He lived in a retirement community located in Mesquite, Las Vegas. However, he was the son of a bank robber who was on the FBI’s most wanted list for escaping prison back in 1970. As for his girlfriend, she was sought for questioning by the FBI few moments after the shooting. However, the girlfriend was in Tokyo at the moment.

No one can really tell about the details about his livelihood and career. The only thing that neighbors could say is that he was a gambler who was not afraid of gambling huge amounts of money. His brother said that he lived on gambling and this made him a very wealthy man. For this reason, he lived in a hotel room and went cruising when he was not gambling. At the same time, he loved playing video poker. The suspected shooter is said to have three brothers, and they were raised single-handedly by their mother after their father was convicted. As they grew up, their mother told them that their father had died. His father was jailed in 1961 for robbery with violence. He escaped prison in 1968 and became a used-car dealer. His wanted poster described him as armed and dangerous. His brothers told reporters that he was the least violent as they grew up. Within the past one year, he bought three guns which comprised of two rifles and a handgun. All the purchases were subjected to the federal screening making them legal.


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