What We know from Las Vegas Shootings


The residents of Las Vegas will never forget the 10 minutes when Stephen Paddock rained fire on people attending a country music festival killing 58 people. He rained bullets on his victims from the 32nd floor of the Mandala Bay Resort and Casino. However, it has emerged that the police in the investigations are focusing the investigation on six minutes before the shooting began. This is according to information that was released by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police. According to the police, they have spoken about a very heroic security guard known as Jesus Campos who was on the floor when the man began shooting. This man is credited with helping the Las Vegas police detect the position of the shooter. He is also credited with helping people standing by. These are events that left him wounded after he was shot at by the gunman. The police said that they were focusing on the six-minute period before the man began shooting at the crowd. This announcement is just one of the frustrating ones as federal law enforcement, and local police are yet to find anything substantial. Many police officials have expressed their desire about making adjustments to minute changes. This is a common thing in complex investigations.

As a result, emerging issues that the police will have to deal with include why the shooter stopped and how the authorities responded to the issue. However, there are some things that police confirmed they are aware of as the investigation continues. The police said that the guard arrived at the 32nd floor just before 10 pm. He was responding to an alarm that a door from one of the rooms was open. It’s during this period that he heard some drilling from the shooter’s room and decided to investigate. According to Las Vegas Sheriff, the shooter might have been placing his rifles or setting up cameras. When the guard moved closer to investigate the cause of the drilling, the shooter shot at the door with over 200 bullets. One of the police officers who responded to the emergency said that the door resembled Swiss cheese. What remains unclear is the how far the guard was standing from the door when the shooting began. The guard is credited to helping guests of the hotel evacuate. He also directed police to the room of the shooter. He only stopped when he was told that he needed medical attention.


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