10 Boys Accused in the Murder of Tim Piazza


Police in Philadelphia has said that they are charging 10 more students in connection with the death of a 19-year-old student who died as part of induction to the Beta Theta Pi fraternity. This came after police carrying out the investigation released a statement saying that they had found out that members of the Beta Theta Pi fraternity deleted a camera footage that would help them solve the death. Stacy Parks Miller, who is Center County district attorney said that the FBI had played a crucial role in restoring the deleted footage that detailed the events of what happened in the basement of the building. A member of the Beta Theta Pi fraternity has been accused by the police of deleting the footage as they tried to access it. The police further said that the restored footage has helped them put together the final hours of the deceased who has been identified as Tim Piazza. Through the restored footage, the police have been able to discover that the 19-year-old boy was given over 18 alcoholic drinks in a period of less than one hour and 22 minutes. This happened during a Beta Theta Pi fraternity party in which the young member was being introduced to some of its rituals.

The police said that the young man became so drunk that he fell over and over as he attempted to use the basement stairs. As a result, Mr. Piazza ended up shattering his spleen. The authorities said that the injured young man was left unattended the whole night while the fraternity members knew very well that he needed some medical attention. The district attorney said that she had been asked a number of times why someone would delete the video. She said that now they knew why that happened. Out of the 10 students that have been accused, four are being accused of involuntary manslaughter while the rest have been charged with minor charges. Minor charges include providing alcohol to an underage student, assault as well as hazing. There were additional charges for the five students that had been already charged by the district attorney. The parents of the deceased boy listened as the charges were read. They later spoke to news reporters who were present. James Piazza said that the boys left his son to die while they knew he needed medical attention. He then said because of their actions, they are making holiday plans without their son.


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