Border Agent Killed while on Duty


Rogelio Martinez was a Border Patrol agent who loved his job. He used to work in the rocky deserts of Texas and Mexico. These were the places where he used to patrol with his partner. These are places that are miles away from help or any form of civilization. His father told reporters that his son knew the risks that were involved in his job. For instance, they often talked that his job was one of the riskiest jobs in America as he had to stop drug trafficking and at the same time stop illegal people from entering the United States. His father has been identified as Jose Martinez. Mr. Jose says that he was sleeping when he got the news that every parent didn’t want to hear about their children. He was requested to avail himself at the University Medical Center of El Paso.

This is where his son was fighting for his life and doctors were doing all they could. At the same time, he got to understand the nature of events when he saw the bloodied head of his son. He remembers that it was very hard to look at his son. The 36-year old border patrol agent died in his line of duty. His partner tried to rescue him, and he ended up being fatally wounded. The Federal Bureau of Investigation has issued a statement saying that it’s looking into the issue. There are speculations that the two men might have been attacked. Nonetheless, the FBI refused to mention whether they had arrested some suspects. While details about the episode may be thin at the moment, the episode has helped resurrect the debate on border security as well as immigration.

In fact, these are rare incidents as border patrol agents are not used to such kind of attacks. However, experts say that since Trump became the president, the number of illegal immigrants entering the United States has decreased. However, there has been an increase in border assaults against these officers. For instance, 2017 has seen the largest number of attacks in five years. As we speak, 720 officers have been attacked while on patrol. This is an issue that was discussed by National Border Patrol Council spokesman Chris Cabrera. He confirmed that the two officers were patrolling an area where trafficking is common. The officer who was shot was checking on an activated ground sensor. The incident happened in Culberson County.


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