Greenhouse Gas Emission is to Blame for Climate Change


A report that was recently unveiled by 13 federal agencies revealed that the global temperatures are rising primarily because of the human activities. The temperatures are said to have increased by an average of 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit for 115 years. The results have evidently been temperature extremes and record-breaking weather events. According to the report, there is no better explanation for the change of the climate but the human activities. From the fact that we destroy forests, the cars we drive to all the power plant we operate, human beings are exclusive to blame. The report comes at a critical time when the ruling regime in the United States is vehemently defending its climate change policy. A climate change conference that is conducted every year by the United Nations is scheduled for next week in Bonn, Germany. The American delegation will face criticism since President Donald Trump opted out of the 195 nation Paris climate accord and the fact that some high ranking officials expressed their doubts on the exact cause and result of global warming.

According to the chief executive officer of Wood Hole Research Center Philip B. Duffy, the recent report contains some statements that are not in line with the senior administration and the policies. It suggests knowing where the administration is sourcing out its information saying that it is probably not from their scientists. The climate scientists that took part in drafting the climate report revealed that there was some resistance to the report, but the top advisors of President Trump did not want to fight over climate change. The said climate science report is one of the reviews that are passed congressionally and are conducted after every four years and is known as National Climate Assessment.

The Whitehouse spokesperson Raj Shah in a statement released on Friday stated that the climate has continued to change. He went on to say that future climate change will entirely depend on how sensitive the climate will be to greenhouse gas emissions. According to the report, every part of the United States has been affected by the warming, ranging from drought to flooding. The report says that gases emitted from the greenhouses are the primary cause of warming. The findings are said to be in complete contrast with the government policy. The director of Stanford Woods Institute says that there is the need for us to be mindful of our relationships with nature.


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