Jeffrey Tambor Accused of Sexual Harassment


It has been confirmed that Jeffrey Tambor has left as the leading star of Transparent. For starters, this is a series that has been done to resemble the life at Amazon. The series is in its fifth season, and the decision to leave Jeffrey Tambor was reached after a number of women came out and said that they had been sexually harassed by the man. Nonetheless, these are accusations that Jeffrey Tambor has strenuously refused to admit. The accusations have come from people he has worked with as one is a former assistant while the other is a co-actor. He announced his departure from the series on Sunday. During the interview, he said that it was an honor and privilege to have been part of the Transparent crew. He also referred to it as the most creative experiences in his acting career. He also took some time to apologize to the people who might have ever misinterpreted his moves. He, however, cannot come to terms that he could harass someone. This is why he sees the idea as utterly and simply untrue. He said that he would never return to the series because of the politicized atmosphere surrounding these allegations.

While asked for a comment, an Amazon representative declined to comment. Nonetheless, there were rumors that some officials were thinking about eliminating Jeffrey Tambor from the show. This happened after these accusations were made. In the series, Jeffrey Tambor appears as a transgender woman known as Maura Pfefferman. One of the accusers is a former personal assistant who has been identified as Van Barnes. She revealed her accusations through a Facebook post. Immediately after the allegations emerged, a creator of the show known as Jill Soloway confirmed that they were cooperating with the investigation. The second person to make these accusations was actress Trace Lysette. As for her part, she was critical about comments that had been made by Jeffrey Tambor. She was also infuriated by the many sexual advances that Jeffrey Tambor had made on her. She said that the actor physically assaulted her while they were appearing for a show they acted in pajamas. The actress said that she brushed off these incidents as Jeffrey Tambor was a big actor at the moment. At the same time, she said that she had gotten used to such kind of mistreatment. For starters, it’s also important to appreciate that Ms. Lysette is a transgender woman.


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