New School Lunch Rule is Controversial


There are many children who struggle with various health issues. One of the biggest issues with our health system today is that people eat a lot of unhealthy food. School lunches are a great example of this issue.

In a recent ruling, it was determined that schools could serve more unhealthy food options for children. As a child, it is difficult to make your own food choices if you have something that tastes better as an option. There are many children who are overweight and have health problems. Instead of offering bad food, schools should offer more healthy food options and emphasize exercise.

Losing Weight

Numerous children today need to lose fat and live a healthier lifestyle. However, many kids spend their free time inside playing on their phones. Combined with a healthy diet, and it is easy to see why so many people have health issues.

One of the biggest issues with children having health issues is the fact that those issues usually continue in the future. The odds of a child losing weight after they grow up is quite low. These bad eating habits tend to stick with children for the rest of their lives. This is why schools should offer better options and health education to children.


The average child today gets much less exercise than in years past. There are several reasons for this. Not only are there more technology options for people to choose from, but physical education is not encouraged in school anymore. This is a major issue that does not seem to have many solutions from schools.

If you have children, it is vital to encourage them to exercise on a regular basis. Even if they do not play a sport, they can play outside with friends. As childhood diseases like diabetes continue to get more prevalent, parents must take swift actions in order to help their children prevent future issues.

Overall, this is a debate that is going to continue in the years ahead. With so many children struggling with health issues, schools should be more involved in offering various health options for students.


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