Money Raised For Man Who Protected Pregnant Woman


When some people hear that another person is in trouble, they don’t know how to help. A man in Yamhill, OR pushed aside his fears and saved the life of a pregnant woman before she was shot. He took a bullet to his neck to save her, and now the community is raising money to help his family in return. Businesses and residents have raised several thousand dollars to help David Trivelpiece so that he can pay his medical bills and so that his family can survive until he is able to get back to work.

The young man was taken to a hospital in Portland after he was shot. David was walking with a few friends when he heard what sounded like gunshots. As he ran to see what was wrong, he saw a young woman who was pushed by a man who was involved in a fight with someone else. One man pulled a gun and started shooting. If David hadn’t put himself between the woman and the man shooting, then she could have been injured. Friends and family members aren’t surprised that David put himself in harm’s way to save someone else. It’s his demeanor, and he would do it for anyone.

When residents and businesses found out what David did, a fundraiser was started to raise money. After only a few days, over $21,000 was raised to help David and his family. Businesses are also raising funds by holding raffles to auction off items that have been made as well as gift cards and other things that people can win if they donate money. David has three children and is married. Community members are hoping that he can make a full recovery and that they can help the family in any way possible so that he can get back on his feet to provide for his family on his own.


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