Troy McQuagge Racks Up More CEO of the Year Awards



The CEO World Awards® has honored Troy McQuagge as one of the best CEOs in modern history. The CEO World Awards® searches around the globe for the most outstanding CEO of any given calendar year. Qualifying CEOs must be great leaders and must have made exceptional accomplishments in technology and products. The chosen executive must also take responsibility for the entire organization.


After much consideration, the CEO World Awards® narrows the search down to approximately 100 people, with a focus on choosing at least one executive from each nation as a possible winner for the award. While earning recognition as a top CEO in the nation is certainly a high honor, it is even more significant to be selected from every country in the world. The CEO World Awards® has an entire department who does nothing but look for great CEOs across the globe all year-round. In addition to discovering great CEOs through their own research, they also allow the public to recommend people. This recommendation can be made .



USHealth Group CEO
CEO World Award Winner Troy McQuagge

The CEO World Awards® chose Troy McQuagge because he has been in the business of managing health coverage companies for almost 36 years. Moreover, every business that Troy has managed has become a top health coverage company in America. Troy McQuagge is the first CEO to earn consecutive honors by the CEO World Awards® in 2017 and 2018.

Troy McQuagge—An Outstanding CEO

Troy McQuagge is an outstanding CEO for many reasons. While managing several different health coverage companies, Troy not only mastered the art of management, but he also learned the art of sales. Troy was able to develop healthcare plans that made people flock to him by the thousands.

Another reason why Troy McQuagge is an outstanding CEO is that he has worked for several well-known health coverage companies. As such, Troy McQuagge knows exactly what to offer and what not to offer based on the competition.


Troy McQuagge has been CEO at USHEALTH Group, Inc. for almost ten years. This company was housed in a small building with just a few offices before Troy arrived. Today, USHEALTH Group is more than six time larger, with a steadily growing market presence. Though he has been very successful with USHEALTH Group, Troy McQuagge believes there is always room for improvement. Mr. McQuagge also loves taking suggestions from the public as to how he can improve the organization. His phone and email are open to anyone any day of the week.


Another great thing Troy McQuagge has done at USHEALTH Group, Inc. is to support internal advancements, improving the efficiency of day-to-day procedures. The agents at USHEALTH Advisors were used to using pencil and paper to fill out forms, but Troy made sure the entire corporation went digital. Troy also introduced the organization to some of the newest technology on the market as it relates to healthcare companies. No other CEO in history has ever turned an organization entirely around in such a short time, making Troy McQuagge stand out as an action-oriented leader.

USHEALTH Group—A Unique Health Coverage Company

USHEALTH Group, Inc. is a unique health coverage company. USHEALTH Group primarily offers healthcare coverage to self-employed individuals and small business owners. Self-employed individuals and small business owners historically have a hard time finding insurance, regardless of their income. This is because most insurance companies are geared towards providing coverage for organizations and  employees. Single people also have a tough time finding insurance.

To fill this gap, USHEALTH Group, Inc. offers a fantastic healthcare plan for singles and families, and is always open to new clients. This is particularly true for those who are under 65, as they are the largest demographic who either do not have insurance or cannot find affordable coverage.



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