Warning System In Place For California Fires


The wildfires in California continue to rage out of control. Firefighters are finding that it’s difficult to contain the fires because they can’t reach the areas that are ablaze. There is a system in place in California to give residents a warning about the intensity of the winds based on a certain color. Red and orange are often seen, but because of the fires, the level has been changed to purple. The wind that is driving the fires is quite strong, the strongest that southern California has seen in some time.

Purple hasn’t been used to warn residents about the strength of the winds before. Evacuations are in place, and residents anywhere near the path of the raging fires are encouraged and asked to leave their homes. Thousands of homes and businesses have already been destroyed or are on the verge of being destroyed. Unless some kind of relief comes soon, thousands more could possibly be destroyed as well. At times, firefighters have thought that they could get in to control the fires, and while the efforts have been seen at times, strong winds are forecast to be in the area once again. These winds will only add fuel to the fire, causing the rapid spread of the blazes once again.

The concern that firefighters and officials in the state have is that any small fire can quickly turn into a large blaze because of the strength of the winds. Embers from one fire could also start another one miles away, which would mean more firefighters being called in to help with the situation. Residents in harm’s way have received calls and text messages all week about the dangerous situation and orders to evacuate. The goal with the warning systems that are in place is to keep as many people from being killed in the fires as possible.


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