Classic television shows are getting a reboot


There has long been talk that Hollywood is fresh out of ideas. The revelations that reboots for Magnum PI and Cagney and Lacey are coming seems to underline this premise. CBS has apparently ordered pilots for the two shows’ reboots, according to USA Today. It turns out the order has made some people less than thrilled. Among the fans who have voiced their opinions, the idea of someone other than Tom Selleck playing Magnum appears to be the issue.

Other fans agreed with the same premise when it came to whoever is going to be the playing Cagney and Lacey in the new show. Those same fans have said they’d be shocked if the shows lasted more than a season. All of this, of course, is before either show has even come close to hitting the airwaves.

According to recent reports about the shows, Magnum will be centered around the basic premise of the original show. It will feature a former Navy Seal who goes to Hawaii and becomes a private investigator. The big change from the plot is that he isn’t a veteran of the Vietnam war but rather fought in Afghanistan.

The premise of the show is one that could be done by almost everyone, but it’s the Magnum name that the network hopes will bring in viewership. The executive producer and writer of yet another reboot show in Hawaii Five-O is supposed to be helming the new Magnum. It should be pointed out that Hawaii Five-O has had plenty of success now that has hit the airwaves.

When it comes to the Cagney and Lacey reboot, it appears the premise will also be the same as the original program. The big difference here is that the show will take place in Los Angeles instead of New York. The announcement of these two new shows comes on the heels of earlier reports that Murphy Brown is going to be getting its own reboot. That show might see the most push back as the original program was seen as a show that blazed some serious ground.

The show featured a female news woman who did quite a few things that hadn’t been seen on television much during this time. That included the time when Murphy Brown decided to adopt a child, even though she wasn’t married. That kind of ground breaking isn’t going to be done with the new program.


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