Cognitive Tests Prove Mental Fitness Of President Trump


Ronny Jackson, White House Physician has put to rest many of the concern regarding Donald Trump’s mental fitness to perform his duties as President of the United States.

In a time where many of Trump’s most dedicated detractors have kicked around thoughts and rumors suggesting that the president is experiencing the type of rapid mental deterioration that should result in him being moved from office, Dr. Jackson reports that Trump is perfectly fit mentally and suffers from no cognitive impairments.

Dr. Jackson went on to explain that after close observation of the president for over a year now it did not deem it necessary to perform cognitive tests but did so upon the president’s request. Trump scored a perfect 30 out of 30 on the test given to him and Dr. Jackson explains that if any cognitive impairments were affecting President Trump that a perfect score on the test given to him would not have been possible.

Jackson has worked for many years at the White House and also served during the presidencies of Barak Obama and George W. Bush. While answering questions regarding the president’s mental health at a recent press conference, Dr. Jackson made it clear that he was being totally forthcoming with all pertinent information.

Many at the White House are hopeful that this will put to rest any questions about the president’s mental stability despite the obviousness of the fact that Donald Trump possesses a temperament that is much different than those that have held the office before him.

The president’s detractors, however, are already having much fun with Dr. Jackson’s assertion of Trump’s mental wellness and many have suggested that he was the beneficiary of overly simplistic tests. Many have posted online tests that they claim are similar to the test given to the president in an effort to back their claims.


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