Freezing Temperatures Reach Most Of Country


Most of the United States is in a deep freeze that will likely last for an extended time. At least 90 percent of the country has seen temperatures below average since New Year’s Eve. Some states have seen temperatures below freezing for an extended period of time, resulting in snow and ice as well as dangerous wind chills. Niagara Falls is almost frozen. States were prompted to cancel New Year’s Eve celebrations because the temperatures were simply too cold for people to be outside.

Temperatures are only expected to continue to drop through the end of the first week of the new year with many locations remaining below freezing or below zero. The weekend could bring a slight warm up as temperatures could rise in the southeast to the mid-40s. However, more cold weather is expected the following week. The next wave of cold air isn’t expected to be as severe, which could be seen as a good sign by people who live in the area. Wind chill warnings have been issued for most of the country, especially in the northern states like Illinois, Ohio, and Montana.

Officials are asking everyone to keep an eye on each other. They want residents to check in on the elderly as well as those who might be homeless. Many shelters are opening across the country to help homeless people who don’t have anywhere else to go to get out of the brutal cold. Residents are also being asked to check on pets and take them inside homes if possible. Many states are seeing temperatures that haven’t been recorded since the 1800s. A shark washed up on the shore in Massachusetts, likely because the ocean water was too cold. Although the cold weather has most people staying inside, there are people who are using the opportunity to take pictures of fountains and natural sights that are covered with ice and snow.


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