JLA Faces Off Against Queen of Fables


The Justice League of America comic has revealed its big bad to be the Queen of Fables, who now claims that she was also the first ancient ruler of mankind… and apparently fought an unknown figure called the “God of Superheroes.”

This newest incarnation of the JLA was brought together by Batman, who apparently foresaw in a dream that an unknown villain would soon threaten the world. It turns out that it wasn’t Darkseid of an evil Superman this time, but the Queen of Fables, who in the last issue manipulated Killer Frost (the Caitlin Snow version) into letting her into our world.

Debuting in November 2000’s JLA #47, the Queen of Fables was said to be the villainess from Snow White, who managed to escape from the world of fiction back into our reality. In this new version, however, she is apparently named Tsaritsa, and once ruled the world along with her good sister, Freya. When Tsaritsa was overthrown and banished into fiction, Freya went mad and began to freeze everything a la Elsa from Frozen, then died.

Apparently, Freya looked a lot like Caitlin Snow, and given their similar powers, there may be some kind of reincarnation thing going on there. Whatever the case, Tsaritsa sees the similarities and asked Caitlin to rule with her; in exchange, she would use her magic to make Caitlin no longer need to absorb heat from others to survive. Still fearing her vampiric power, Caitlin took the deal, but is already regretting it now that she realizes how evil the Queen of Fables is.

That said, Tsaritsa’s goal seems to be honoring Freya by ruling humanity with the same benevolence that she did. Unfortunately, like many villains, she does not really “get” goodness; while promising to use her powers to improve humanity, she seems to be terrifying and mind controlling them into submission. Fortunately, we see some of Caitlin’s fellow heroes still active enough to fight off her rule.

The God of Superheroes is repeatedly mentioned as someone who fought Tsaritsa in the past, though so far we do not know who he was (is?) and how our current heroes could possibility imitate his methods. To find out how this story works out, check out Justice League of America #23, which will be available on Wednesday, January 24, 2018.


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