Man Starts Snoring In Autopsy Room


When most people are in the morgue and awaiting an autopsy, they have been declared dead. This was the case in Spain after three different doctors declared that a man was in fact dead. However, he was still alive as was shown when he started snoring just before the autopsy started. Gonzalo Jimenez was 29 when doctors thought that he had passed away. He had been in jail for some time in Spain and had died while in custody. Guards discovered him early on Sunday morning and saw that he was unconscious. He was quickly taken to a local hospital.

At least three doctors examined Gonzalo. They all declared that he was dead. When the man was taken to the morgue so that the autopsy could begin, he started snoring. There were already marks on his body where the doctors were going to cut him open. If he had not started snoring, then his fate would have been quite different. After he started breathing again, he was moved to the intensive care unit at the Central University Hospital.

There are family members who are questioning about how this happened and if it’s a common situation along with other people in Spain and across the country. There aren’t any universal signals that doctors use in order to determine if someone is alive or dead. Only the examination by the doctor determines whether someone is dead or not. Unfortunately, the examination could deliver the wrong results. Doctors will declare someone to be dead if there is no more activity from the heart or if there is no more activity from the brain. There are a few tests that doctors will perform before declaring that someone is in fact dead. Gonzalo had epilepsy. Doctors believe that his body entered into a trance-like state, which could have made them think that he was dead because there wasn’t any activity taking place in the heart or brain.


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