New Laws In Place In Schools Across The Country


California and Illinois will now offer female students hygiene products if they are needed. This is a way that the school systems in these states are trying to ensure that females are as prepared as possible when they start the menstrual cycle or if they need hygiene items that they might not have access to at home. Public schools in California are required to have feminine hygiene products in at least half of the bathrooms on campuses. Counselors and other school staff are also supposed to give these products to students for free.

The new law in place will provide coverage for schools with female students and combination classes from sixth to 12th grades. Almost 40 percent of the students who receive this kind of help are from families with low incomes. They don’t have the extra money to supply the basic needs that young girls need. A law passed in Illinois allows female students to miss days during the month if they don’t have the hygiene products that they need to attend school. Officials want students to feel as normal as possible when they are in classes, and when they don’t have the feminine products that they need, it can be disruptive to learning.

In California, students in middle and high school are to be offered classes about human trafficking and ways to identify if it’s taking place. Meal shaming is banned in California now. This means that even if parents are behind on lunch payments, the students will still get a meal during the day instead of just a snack. Public schools across California must test water sources for lead. In Florida, teachers with high SAT and ACT scores from students will receive annual bonuses. Kentucky schools must offer Bible courses in a public setting. Private schools have a bit more discretion as to the courses that they offer.


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