OneLogin Year in Review: How 2017 Changed the Cyber Security Service



OneLogin was founded in 2009 by Thomas and Christian Pedersen, a pair of brothers, in San Francisco, California. Their main service is access and identity management; essentially the ability for businesses’ employees to log onto various accounts and websites safely, helping reduce the incidence of cybercrime in today’s tech-heavy world of business.


As a relatively new company, every year that OneLogin has been around marks great strides the company has taken to better serve its customers and compete with businesses offering similar services. This holds true for the company in 2017, for a handful of reasons.


OneLogin Reeled In A New Leader In Form Of Chief Executive Officer


One of the most significant changes OneLogin has undergone in 2017 is a change of leadership. New Chief Executive Officer Brad Brooks, a long-time executive with just short of 30 years’ worth of experience in leading some of the world’s most prominent technology companies. In his most recent job search, he sought to lead a company with high-quality products, like those that belong to OneLogin, that competes in a large-enough market

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The Company Was Ranked One Of The Best Places To Work


Fortune Magazine, one of the nation’s most popular in terms of financial news media in the United States, recently named OneLogin as a member of one of the ten best small businesses to work for in California’s Bay Area.


Although all of the following three awards didn’t come in 2017, they were also recognized by the San Francisco Business Times, Glassdoor, and Fortune Magazine – once again – for being one of the best places to work in the area.


Recently Added A Major Client To Its Rapidly Growing List


OneLogin Added Airbus to their list of clients earlier this year, in August of 2017.  AIrbus is an esteemed aeronautic vehicle and product manufacturer.  Also known as a think tank, and popular product designer, Airbus is depending on this type of security.


The lead executive of Airbus’ Digital Accelerator believed that getting on board with OneLogin was necessary.  Mainly for translating its digital content to an improved information technology infrastructure.


Customers Are Continually Pleased With Services


Like most top-notch businesses do, OneLogin regularly releases touching stories that its customers send in. This year alone, they made fourteen customer stories available to the public, many of which came from some of the world’s most well-established companies and organizations.


Zendesk, Kredite, and Chart Industries are three of the fourteen businesses that submitted customer stories to OneLogin in 2017.


Multi-Factor Authentication Has Received An Upgrade

Onelogin Supported Apps

Adaptive Authentication is one of the most advanced forms of multi-factor authentication.  This was released by OneLogin for the first time in April of 2017.


Thanks to the power of machine learning, Adaptive Authentication reviews login details automatically.  Access info like geographic location and type of device used to grant users permission to private networks.


Adaptive Authentication is utilized by all employees at OneLogin’s headquarters.  That’s in addition to the 2000 clients that rely on this service to keep their information safe.


An Upgrade To The Mobile Portal Came In 2017


Accessing the OneLogin Portal became even easier in 2017.  The program now sorts applications in users’ interfaces based on how frequently they are used.


Searching for applications or files on such apps is incredibly easy with the mobile application. Plus the Portal works with just about any application, both mobile and desktop, available online.


On-Premise Applications Can Also Be Accessed Easily


Many business entities and organizations rely on applications designed specifically for their operations.  Rather than programs used around the internet by thousands of users.


In fact, they recently made web-access management a top priority. Thereby allowing users to treat on-premise applications in the same vein as traditional, widely-available apps.


Based on the technology company’s performance in 2017, there’s no telling what’s up the proverbial sleeves of OneLogin’s executives for the upcoming calendar year.


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