President Donald Trump Threatens To Cut off Aid to Palestine


On Tuesday, President Trump threatened to cut off aid donated by the United States government to Palestine. The president questioned why America should continue making huge payments to the Palestinian authorities who were not willing to broker a peace deal with Israel which happens to be a significant and strategic ally of the United States in the volatile region of the Middle East. Trump spoke in a tone that showed that he had admitted that any efforts to broker a peace agreement between the two conflicting nations had come to a screeching halt.

On his Twitter handle, President Donald Trump has said that the United States government pays the Palestinian authorities hundreds of millions of dollars annually and gets no respect or appreciation for it. Trump continued to say that the Palestinians had refused to take part in negotiations that were long overdue for a peace deal with the Israeli government. Just a month ago last year, President Trump infuriated Muslims all over the Middle East led by the Palestinians when he announced that the US government would move their embassy from Tel Aviv to the newly proposed capital of Jerusalem.

This announcement also sparked protests from Muslims all over the world where the US government said that it was upending its foreign policy in the Middle East. Mahmoud Abbas, the leader of Palestine, has noted that the announcement by president Trump had disqualified the US as a lead mediator in the peace process between Israel and Palestine. Although a potential peace deal between Israel and Palestine is still open, Abbas said that the announcement by the US leader was declaring their intentions to withdraw from their lead role in brokering a peace deal between the two nations. President trump self-declared ultimate deal between the Israelis and Palestinians was a wrench in his government’s obligation to have the peace process restarted.

President Trump brought Jason Greenblatt, his former lawyer into the White House to lead in the efforts to negotiate a peace deal between Israelis and Palestinians. The president also instructed his son-in0-law to Jared Kushner to partner with Greenblatt in the negotiations. The peace team formed by Trump had held meetings for almost a year with Arab leaders, Palestinian officials and their Israeli counterparts ahead of the expected peace deal. However, by recognizing the claim by Israel for the holy city of Jerusalem, Palestinians have said that the US government is taking sides with the Israelis in the issue that is most sensitive for both countries in the conflict.


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