Several people arrested in California for defying a ban that was passed against feeding of the homeless


California City did pass a bill that prohibited the feeding of the homeless in favorite neighborhood parks. This move was taken so that the health officials can try rein out the outbreak of Hepatitis B. It was reported that the outbreak had killed over 20 people which prompted several leaching of the streets and massive vaccinations.

About 12 people were apprehended for having defied this ban and went ahead to feed the homeless. The health officials in San Diego argued that they were making all necessary efforts to ensure that the public is safe from Hepatitis B. The outbreak of the disease was commonly reported in those people that were homeless and used substances like drugs.
The officials said that they aimed to prevent person to person contact which was a conventional means for transmitting the causative pathogens. Activists on the other side came charging saying that the move was a draconian way of criminalizing the homeless.

Several advocates who were following up the story gave their opinions saying that the measure conveyed trust issues. Jen Loving who is an activist and resident of the area said that the locals were growing impatient with the representatives that they elected to term them as failures because they were not campaigning for practical solutions.

Loving further continued to say that if the situation was not immediately solved there may be a humanitarian crisis. He continued to say that the community was struggling with a pressing issue and that they will soon demand a consensus that will comprehensively try solve their problems.

He added in a statement that the entire country is starving for a prompt a solution. Homelessness is reported to increase in the US by 1%.It’s a growing problem that has been fostered with the high rents on the west and east of the coast.

On Sunday morning a well-wisher by the name “break the ban” tabled food staffs and drinks in a particular park to feed the homeless.1 hour later the police came matching and threatened the organization saying they had defied the ban.

Several angry volunteers shouted and yelled at the police officers saying that whatever they were doing was inhumane. An attorney by the name Scott Dreher who was caught up in the chaos and said that the move was denying and preventing the rights for the well-wishers to share food and drinks to those people that are in need. He argued further that there were many other solutions that the health officials would have implemented to address the spread of Hepatitis B.

It is reported that over 600 people have contracted the disease which is primarily spread by oral-fecal route. The homeless are connected to this because they don’t have bathrooms to clean up and wash their hands.


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