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Now that the new year has arrived, it is time to make some changes to simplify your living and/or working space. You might even find the decluttering of your living space leads to a permanent downsizing of your own life. You have everything to gain from Clearabee’s rubbish clearance service. The best part is we will do all the work on your behalf. Our rubbish clearance crew will remove all of those excess items that get in your way, collect dust and ultimately make your life unnecessarily complicated.

There is no reason for you to attempt to remove those large, heavy or voluminous items on your own when our team of experienced junk haulers can do the work. Show us exactly what you would like removed from your home, office or other property and you will enjoy a space without an abundance of random items getting in your way. This might seem like a subtle improvement yet it really does make a massive difference in terms of logistics as well as comfort, safety and peace of mind.

How to Downsize Your Life: Consider Your True Needs

When determining which items should be hauled away by our rubbish clearance crew, your primary concern should be your needs as opposed to your desires. Sure, you might like to keep some items around just in case you need them months, years or even decades down the road. However, keeping an abundance of items in your house, apartment or working space will eventually cause problems. These sundries get in the way as you attempt to move from one portion of your home to the next. Some even pose tripping hazards as they block walkways or spill out of storage spaces.

Though you certainly might desire to keep every single item around for the long haul, the odds of you actually needing those items are likely quite slim. So do not keep items around simply because you desire them. Separate the necessary items from the items you can do without. Have our rubbish clearance crew eliminate these items on your behalf and they will be out of your life for good. You will be able to walk throughout the entirety of your home, office or other space without any threat of tripping over random items scattered about. Think of how nice it will be able to open those closets, storage cabinets and other spaces without worry that an avalanche of items will tumble on out.

It is Time to Review Everything You Own

Think back to the last time you performed a thorough review of everything you own. Has it been months? Years?  Decades?  Regardless of how long it has been since the last review, today is your opportunity to perform a thorough review of the items you own, prioritize those to keep and have our crew haul away what remains. Consider all of the items you have stockpiled over the years. From books to clothes, sports equipment, video games, cookware, household appliances and other odds and ends, you have likely accumulated a lot. Though it is tempting to perform a superficial scan of each portion of your home or business and select the items you have not used in years for removal, doing so is not a legitimate attempt to downsize your life.

Start off by analyzing the items you have in storage. Inspect every single storage space in your home or office, from closets to shelves, cabinets, the basement, attic, spare rooms, the shed, the garage and beyond. Sift through the kitchen and bathroom cabinets to boot. Don’t forget about those “junk drawers”. Move on to your media collection next. Take a look at all those old VHS tapes, DVDs, CDs, books, video games and other items. You will likely find much of this technology has become obsolete. You can save a ton of space by downloading or copying music, books and movies to a digital device or your computer rather than keeping the tangible versions around. A computer or other digital device takes up much less space than a book or DVD collection.

Once your media is downsized, it is time to take a look at your clothing. The garments you wear with regularity should remain in your wardrobe. Clothes that are out of style should be hauled away by the Clearabee rubbish clearance crew for proper recycling, donations or re-purposing in another manner.

Do not Hesitate to Downsize Expensive Items if You no Longer use Them

If you have any sports gear, take this opportunity to sort through it so you are absolutely certain you are only keeping the equipment you are will use in the coming months and years. The same is true for luggage. There is no need to keep extra luggage around when you only need one set. Keep a carry-on bag, a suitcase and a purse. Eliminate everything else unless you suspect your top luggage choices are likely to fall apart or malfunction in the near future.

Next, consider your household appliances. Consider whether you really need that microwave. If you have a convection oven along with a regular oven, additional cookware such as a microwave, toaster, electric grill or even a blender/mixer might not be necessary. Consider the last time you used these household appliances.  If it has been a year or longer since they were last used, it is time to get rid of them for good. It also makes sense to review your utensils, dishes and other items stored in the kitchen to determine if they are actually necessary. When in doubt, put the item aside for our rubbish clearance crew to haul away.

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  1. These guys really simplified my life with their exceptional talent of rubbish clearance. They were fast to react on my call and as per my request reached my home on weekend. I had a 15 minutes meeting with them and briefed them about the items I wanted to get rid of. After a few hours, shelves, cabinets and my attic was free of excessive and useless items. Without any doubts in my mind, they are the best team of highly professional and talented guys!

  2. What are some of the best appliances to downsize? I am looking to move into a smaller place and lower my expenses. I will need to get rid of a lot of my belongings when I move, so this is a good service to keep in mind. I will need some help!


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