Sussex Health Care’s New State-of-the-art Gym Welcomes Residents And Community Members


Recently, Sussex Health Care announced the opening of a new gym for elderly and disabled individuals who are residents of its multiple facilities in and near Sussex. As a facility that makes community outreach a top priority, the company also welcomes elderly individuals who live at home and community members with cognitive disabilities to use the facility. The gym is located near Horsham in West Sussex. It boasts state-of-the-art equipment for maintaining and improving movement. There are elliptical machines, free weights, underwater treadmills, stationary bicycles and much more. Additionally, the gym features a pool with resistance currents and hot tubs for hydrotherapy.

The gym is staffed with experts who have extensive training in their areas of focus. Some specialty examples include musculoskeletal, respiratory and neurological. The experts work together to develop an optimal exercise plan for each individual based on all needs and limitations. They also consider health history and current conditions. Fitness team members are skilled at working with individuals who have illnesses such as multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease and a variety of chronic respiratory ailments.

Programs For Fitness

For those who are ambulatory and have a full range of motion, fitness programs are the main focus. Since the gym is staffed with professionals at all times, adults who want to exercise freely are welcome to use the equipment. However, the team will provide an optimised exercise plan to ensure that residents preserve their mobility. The plans ensure that residents do not take unnecessary risks by lifting too much or not exercising properly. For example, programs start with stretching and warmup exercises to reduce the risk of injuries.

Programs For Improving Mobility

The Sussex Health Care fitness specialists develop programs to restore or improve mobility for people who have limitations. For those who have painful arthritis or other joint conditions, swimming and water exercises are often recommended. Hydrotherapy in the jetted hot tubs also helps relax sore muscles after a workout. Aquatic exercises reduce impact on the joints. As people regain mobility, they may gradually move to other types of exercises. The specialists understand range of motion and know how to help each person work toward regaining optimal movement. With banded resistance machines and weights, physiotherapy specialists also help adults build strength or maintain muscle mass. The team can also create special fitness plans for people who are recovering from surgery.

Programs For Adults With Cognitive Disabilities

Sussex Health Care is a leader in quality care for adults with profound multiple learning disabilities. Also, the facility is known for providing specialised care to people with cognitive disabilities that are related to age or neurological issues. When the fitness experts at the new gym develop exercise plans, they also account for an individual’s cognitive abilities. They are experienced in helping confused adults understand what a program is for and finding ways to make it enjoyable for them. Many adults with limited cognitive abilities enjoy the hot tub.

Professional Assessments Take A Holistic Approach

During a personalised assessment, the specialists learn about a person’s history of injuries, surgeries and illnesses. They discuss weight, nutrition and personal goals to form an ideal plan. Individuals may want to lose, maintain or gain weight based on a doctor’s recommendations. The specialists at Sussex Health Care can design plans based on improving health, maintaining fitness, building strength or regaining movement. The gym offers group training sessions as well. For adults who live alone and desire more social interaction, these groups provide a great way to enjoy socialising while reaching fitness goals. Support from group members motivates many older adults to work harder toward their goals.

Sussex Health Care’s Unique Mission

Sussex Health Care’s mission is to offer the highest level of person-focused care to each individual. While many facilities state an attractive mission, Sussex Health Care lives up to its mission through actions. Its new state-of-the-art gym with personalised assessments and exercise plans reflects another way in which the facility lives up to its mission. What makes Sussex Health Care and its mission so unique is how it encompasses not only the residents of its many care homes but also qualified community members who live at home.

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Why So Many People Choose Sussex Health Care

The company’s first facility opened in 1985. Since then, Sussex Health Care has evolved into a community of more than 20 facilities. Most of the care homes are in Sussex or nearby. Many people choose Sussex Health Care for themselves or their loved ones because of the company’s commitment to keeping residents active. The homes each boast multiple activity options to fit individual interests. There are activities such as gardening, crafts, swimming, sewing, reminiscing and more. Residents frequently go on excursions in the community. Sussex Health Care believes in keeping both the mind and body active to preserve physical abilities and mental acuity. Sussex Health Care serves adults with profound multiple learning disabilities, dementia, neurological disorders, Alzheimer’s and other conditions that affect physical and cognitive abilities. The facilities have skilled specialists who are trained to work with such individuals, and the company takes pride in hiring compassionate staff on all levels.

Sussex Health Care is also highly recommended by many people for its quality nutrition plans. Meals are prepared each day using fresh high-quality ingredients, and the meals are planned by a professional chef. The chef oversees kitchen activities to ensure that each resident’s food is nutritious and delicious. Special diet accommodations are available. Since many elderly people do not eat properly due to illnesses or medication side effects, a sound nutrition program with tasty food is a high priority in all Sussex Health Care facilities.

In addition to the modern and welcoming atmosphere of each care home, residents enjoy the skilled caregivers. Nurses and other caregivers are highly trained and certified. The facility recently welcomed a new CEO who is a respected leader in healthcare and social care, and she brings over three decades of valuable experience with her to Sussex Health Care. The facility is Britain’s only independent care home group with double accreditation. Health Quality Service licensed the facility, and it has the ISO 9000:2000 distinction. It also received the Investors in People award in the early 2000s.

Click here to download Sussex Health Care’s new gym brochure.




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